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--- Quote from: peterj920 on June 06, 2022, 12:33:41 am ---Manitowoc is going to convert 8th and 10/11th Streets to two way streets which US 10 currently runs on. Along with the change the City of Manitowoc is proposing for US 151 to end at I-43, and reroute US 10 along Maritime Dr, across 8th Street, and Quay St to access the Carferry from the north. Business 42 would also run along Maritime Dr and 8th St. Here’s a link with from the City of Manitowoc.


--- End quote ---

From an AARoads thread:


Effective next week, per reports.  This is why I have moved Markkos' original topic.

Also appears to have been changed since Markkos posted....the current version suggests the BUSINESS 42 route will be eliminated.

Ugh. How dare Manitowoc remove my clinch of US 10.  :P Could be worse I suppose, could be in the middle of the state.

The backup on Quay Street to get to the ferry with that angle is going to be bad. I mean, just look at Street View today and you can see it backing up down present 10.

Based on Froggie's link, WI 42 will take much of 151's in-city route.

So, I see the changes have been made live on the site.

2 comments on them (dealing with US-10):

1) Both 'WI42_N' & '8thSt_N' should be recentered on their respective intersections.  And '8thSt_N' should be "WI42_S" instead in US-10's file.
2) Recommend an extra shaping point between '5thSt' & 'LakDr' to make that area look better.  Plus 'LakDr' shouldn't be hidden IMO.  Should stay as a visible point to allow people to mark that section of US-10 clinched if they haven't traveled the reroute yet.

Do we know for sure that it's been re-signed and we're not jumping the gun?


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