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WI: Proposed Manitowoc Changes

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I was making the new point lists using the old points from the existing files. So the Maritime/Waldo intersection (now the US 10/WI 42 north intersection) was centered until they put in that [expletive deleted] roundabout.

Looking at it further, WI 42 could use a couple intersections to the northwest to stay out of the lake.

LakDr can be visible, and in fact I would be one of the people it might benefit, but I don't know how well that will work in practice. The traffic flow they want to set up at the ferry makes no sense and drivers may end up turning from Quay into the ferry parking lot/loading area without getting to that point.

If we're jumping the gun it's only by a matter of days, per froggie's post.

From the AARoads thread, some of the changes are happening more or less immediately, others will take weeks or months. Since all the changes are live on TM, not a big deal.

I agree that LakDr should be un-hidden, since that's one of the points where the US 10 reroute peels away from the old route. I'll be using that point.

I made LakDr an active point. I'm hoping that is the last change needed.

Looks good to me.


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