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Loneliest roads in America

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Saw this article on Strange Maps today.  I think ties in to prior discussions on forum of least and most traveled roads.  The non-paired portion of GA 24 is certainly a lonely road in Georgia, though I do question traffic counts over entire lengths of some of these roads.

US 89:
I hate articles like this. “US 50” is their winner for Utah… well, that varies quite a bit between the part across the west desert and the part concurrent with I-70 near the Colorado line, which has something like 20 times more traffic. There are tons of state roads and even US highway buts in the state lonelier than that. SR 21 jumps immediately to mind.

The real winner for Utah, per UDOT AADT data, is SR 124 - a shortish spur to an abandoned mine off a longer spur to an abandoned mine - which has an AADT around 40, I think.

Yeah. US201? The State House says hi.

Similarly, the "real winner" for NY is NY 421. Couple dozen cars a day at the counting station right next to NY 30, but most of the road has nothing. 812 gets a decent amount of traffic as the direct route to Ottawa from a decent amount of NY.

Wait SD 73 is SD's winner? That one actually goes through towns!
I think they just have bad/incomplete data, because SDDOT's map ( has the highway with the absolute lowest segment AADT being SD 47 (60), north of Eureka (ends at a ND county road), while the lowest overall highway AADT is SD 239 (72) (it's a pointless spur to a small town).


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