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1. NY116: The NY/CT waypoint is currently 500ft or so west of the actual state line. The state line shown on OSM appears to be correct, as verified by NYSDOT and CTDOT GIS maps.
2. CT116: see point 1
3. NY121: The NY124_N waypoint should be renamed since NY124 has not existed this far north since 1980. I would suggest naming it JunRd or JuneRd.
4. TacStaPkwy: The CR10 waypoint is too far north, as it is currently placed at Post Hill Rd, 1.15 miles north of CR10.
5. NY9A: I would suggest a new waypoint at Ashford Ave in Ardsley (or Heatherdell Rd since there is already an AshAve waypoint at Ashburton Ave) in order to reduce confusion with I-87 through here. I am suggesting a waypoint rather than a shaping point because Ashford Ave connects to the SawMillPkwy at Exit 17.
6. NY9A: I would suggest a shaping point near Belmont Rd in Hawthorne in order to reduce line overlap with the SawMillPkwy here.
7. SawMillPkwy: I would suggest adding a waypoint at NY9A/NY100, since they both have a waypoint for the SawMillPkwy there, and it would further reduce the line overlap mentioned in point 6.
8. NY US9: US9 could really use a waypoint between NY52 and NY9D at either CR28 or CR93. I would suggest CR93 since CR28 is already in use as a waypoint and more traffic would use it between US9 and NY9D, but only CR28 is already a waypoint on NY9D.
9. NY US9: US9 could also use a waypoint between FelNewRd and CR19. I would suggest CR4 or CR6, though both are already in use further north on US9.
10. NY96: Not sure why exactly TM has it ending at UniSt when the signage basically ends at WinRd, but it officially extends to East Main St. One way or another, I would imagine it should either end at one of those rather than UniSt.
11. NY74: Since TM does not count ferries, should the eastern terminus be renamed from NY/VT to something regarding the ferry (like NY373)?
12. NY35: Minor point drift at NY123 and NY/CT.
13. NY207: Minor point drift at CR8.
14. CT I-84: Point “24” is not centered at the interchange. This is probably a relic from before I-84 was reconstructed through here.


--- Quote from: cockroachking on July 22, 2022, 10:17:02 pm ---10. NY96: Not sure why exactly TM has it ending at UniSt when the signage basically ends at WinRd, but it officially extends to East Main St. One way or another, I would imagine it should either end at one of those rather than UniSt.

--- End quote ---
I'm guessing that's because the 2017 Touring Route book has it ending at the Inner Loop, and that's where the Inner Loop used to be.  In any case, cities in NY tend to be hit or miss with their signage, but in this case, it wasn't signed from the Inner Loop either, so there might indeed be a case for truncating it to Winton Road.  Yes, there's the signs saying it continues, but the same exists for NY 404 at NY 590 exit 8, and it doesn't (the rest of Empire Boulevard is a reference route and isn't signed anywhere else) (never mind, they fixed that).

Welcome to the TM forum, cockroachking, and thanks fo the corrections & suggestions!

1-2. Done.
3. Relabeled JuneRd.
4. Whoopsie. This was originally PostHillRd, but was erroneously changed back in 2018. Holding off on making changes for the moment, as "CR10" is in use in cockroachking.list only -- do you need Post Hill Rd, or the actual CR 10 farther south?
5. AshfAve added, as it connects to a Saw Mill River Pkwy interchange.
6-7. NY9A/100 point added to SawMillPkwy. No new point on NY9A/100. This is sufficient to keep the lines from crossing.
8. I don't see any compelling reason to add a new point here. I would remove CR28 from NY9D, but OldHopRd is in use.
9. +X19 replaced with a visible point at BinMilRd. This is the only solution that keeps shaping within tolerance without increasing the total number of points.
10. See vdeane's post.
11. Changed to TicFry. I'll put a note in the pull request to ping froggie. This reminds me of NJ US9, which was similarly changed pretty early in TM's lifetime.
12-13. Repositioned, though normally this is pretty low priority.
14. Repositioned. I thought about adding a point (or even 2) for *OldI-84, but didn't, at least for now. At the E end, the old & new alignments separate at just about exactly the diverge point for the old WB exit 24. 1PPI would imply leaving that one out. W end, the point would wanna be at the Nolan Bridge. With the aux lane setup there, it's kinda borderline 1PPI with both 23 and 24. I'm not including an updates entry, though this is arguably newsworthy. Discuss!


NY 9A:  Should SawMillPkwy(26) have been changed to plain SawMillPkwy? (Ok it actually does look intentional.)

NY 16:  Did I miss something or should NY400_S have actually been changed to OleRd?

OleRd has been the point label since 2017-01-19.
Only difference now is NY400_S is unused & thus removed. NY400 simply ends at an intersection with Olean Rd; there is no multiplex split.


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