Author Topic: NC: Various Point Concerns from 7/2022 Trip  (Read 41 times)

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NC: Various Point Concerns from 7/2022 Trip
« on: July 30, 2022, 07:42:49 am »
US 15/US 501: 
1.  NC87>-NC87_N.
1.  Consider replacing the two shaping points south of VilWay with visible points.
2.  The VilWay point looks like it should be slightly relocated based on the HERE Hybrid Maps.

US 264 ALT (Wilson):  NC39>-NC39_S

US 401:  NC42>-NC42_W

NC 39: 
1.  US264Alt>-US264Alt_E
2.  Consider replacing the shaping point south of NewBetRd with a visible point.
3.  Replace the shaping point south of VicRd with a visible point at Vanco Mill Rd (VanMillRd).
4.  Consider replacing the first two shaping points north of StaRd with visible points at Morgan Rd (MorRd) and Townsville Landing Rd (TowLanRd).

NC 42:  Consider replacing the shaping point east of BroRd_E with a visible point.

NC 96:  Should a point be added at Industry Dr?  (For the record, I am not recommending the addition of any truck routes in Oxford despite this sign on US 158.
 That sign seems to be an anomaly IMO with the other signs for NC 96 and US 15 using the format in the first GSV link.)

NC 210: 
1.  NC50_N could be slightly relocated, but the point is still within the intersection.
2.  BlaCrkRd should be slightly relocated. 
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