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WI 36: Business route through Burlington


This past weekend I was driving in the Burlington, WI area and noticed signage off of WI 36 for a "Business 36" (the usual WI 36 shield with a Business banner), so I followed it.  The route begins at the 36/11 intersection south of the city and follows State Street and Milwaukee Avenue to the 36/83 bypass section north of the city (presumably the old 36 routing before the 36/83/11 bypass was built?).  The route is well-signed with frequent reassurance shields and clear directional signage at major interchanges.  It seems to meet the criteria for inclusion.

The answer to "why wasn't this included?" seems to be "Because Business 36 wasn't signed until between 2015 and 2018", according to GMSV.

EDIT: Retracting suggestions. carry on.


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