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I've made some progress on the usapr set and am up to PR400. It appears that there will be approximately 1200 routes in the set when it's finished. Should it be divided into usapr1, usapr2, etc, or should I put them all in one set? Despite having different shields, usapr routes ultimately belong in a single set. PR123, for example, can be found with (at least) three different shields, but all segments are part of the same continuous route, and simply refer to the relative importance of that segment.

Most of the routes >199 are very short (10km or less) and therefore would not require much time for peer review. But I can see how a set of around 1200 of any length might be a little more than someone would want to take on at once.

This set is in preview now and ready for peer review. A little over 1100 routes total.

Okay, I am starting my peer review.

PR1: Not sure if the PR25_B waypoint is necessary as it seems to be really close to the one for PR35. These two could be combined. PR18/52 waypoint needs to be adjusted to be more centered on the interchange. Do likewise for the corresponding point in the I-PR1, PR52 and PR18 waypoint files. Need a shaping point about where PR1 crosses a bridge over PR 834. Two NMPs at the north end of Caguas need fixing: PR52(15) and PR30. Those waypoints both need to have their lat/lon coordinates changed to match the waypoints on PR52/I-PR1 and PR 30. According to Google Street View and OSM (very recently updated), it appears that just west of Salinas, the PR1 and PR 701 junction has been moved just SW of the existing location, so that waypoint needs repositioning.

That's all for tonight. PR 2 will have to wait till tomorrow because it's super long (looks longer than PR 1), but hopefully this whole process will go quicker as the routes get shorter.

Okay, now I'm continuing my peer review.

PR 2: First off, in Ponce, the PR52 waypoint needs to be moved a smidge south (if you look at it in the HDX you'll understand why) as well as the corresponding points on PR 52 and I-PR2. Next, waypoint 213 needs to be moved east just a slight bit (same goes for the corresponding waypoints on I-PR2 and PR 385). A shaping point should be added near where PR 127 crosses over PR 2. At waypoint 181, there's an NMP with PR 102. Just south of the PR109/115 waypoint, there is a shaping point that should be moved southeast to where the road actually curves. In Aguadilla, I'd suggest adding a waypoint at Avenida Las Cascadas, since there is a waterpark and a stadium there, which seem like major destinations. Just east of there, there needs to be a waypoint at the intersection of the road that connects to PR 469 (again, don't forget to add both of these waypoints to the I-PR2 waypoint file). In Arecibo, the waypoints AveCollTos and PR129 need to be recentered.

PR2RPon: No issues found.

Okay, that's all for now...

Thanks for the thorough review!

--- Quote from: compdude787 on May 21, 2017, 12:24:04 am ---At waypoint 181, there's an NMP with PR 102. Just south of the PR109/115 waypoint, there is a shaping point that should be moved southeast to where the road actually curves.

--- End quote ---
That shaping point is actually a placeholder for where PR401 will eventually intersect. Note that in the file it's called +FutPR401. Once the intersection is built, there won't be a need for another shaping point in that segment.

The rest of the changes have been made in my files.


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