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Continent/Regional systems:
(these are mostly just hyped-up development corridors at the moment, though the long term plan is to have them as international road networks)
afrtah - UNECA Trans-African Highways
afrcu - UEMOA Community Roads
afrea - EAC Road Network (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
afrrtr - SADC Regional Trunk Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.

Freeway systems:
afrsnf - Africa Named Freeways?
alga - Algeria Autoroutes
coda - DRC Motorway
gaba - Gabon Autoroutes
mara - Morocco Autoroutes
nama - Namibia A Roads
ngae - Nigeria Expressways (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
sena - Senegal Autoroutes
tuna - Tunisia Autoroutes
ugam - Uganda Motorways (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.

National systems:
agoen - Angola Estrada Nacional (si404)
bdirn - Burundi Routes Nationale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
benrnie - Benin Route Nationale Inter-Etat
benrn - Benin Route Nationale
bfan - Burkina Faso Route Nationale
bwaa - Botswana A Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
cafrn - CAR Routes Nationale
civa - Cote d'Ivoire Main Roads
cmrn - Cameroon Routes Nationale
codn - DRC Routes Nationale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
cogn - Congo Routes Nationale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
comrn - Comoros Routes Nationale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
cpv - Cabo Verde Estrada Nacional (odd system - need to investigate further)
djirn - Djibouti Routes Nationale
dzan - Algeria Routes Nationale
egy - Egypt?
erip - Eritrea Primary Roads
etha - Ethiopia Trunk Roads
gabn - Gabon Routes Nationale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
ghan - Ghana National Roads
ginn - Guinea Routes Nationale
gnb - Guinea-Bissau ?
gnq - Equatorial Guinea (no numbered roads. Two named semi-freeways, and part of TAH10 run in region) (si404)
kena - Kenya A Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
kenb - Kenya B Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
lbr - Liberia ?
lby - Libya ?
lsoa - Lesotho Main Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
marn - Morocco National Roads (panda80)
mdgn - Madagascar National Roads
mlin - Mali Routes Nationale
mozn - Mozambique Estrada Nacional (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
mrtn - Mauritania Routes Nationale
musm - Mauritius Motorways (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
musa - Mauritius Primary Main Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
mwim - Malawi Main Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
mytd - Mayotte Routes Départementales (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
namb - Namibia Major Routes (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
nerrn - Niger Route Nationale
ngaa - Nigeria Federal Trunk Main Roads
reud - Reunion Routes Départementale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
rwanr - Rwanda National Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
sdna - Sudan Trunk Roads
senn - Senegal Route Nationale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
sle - Sierra Leone ?
som - Somalia ?
ssd - South Sudan ?
stpen - Sao Tome and Principe Estrada Nacional (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
swzmr - Eswatini Main Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
syc - Seychelles ?
tcd - Chad ?
tgo - Togo ?
tunrn - Tunisia Routes Nationale (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
tzat - Tanzania Trunk Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
uga - Uganda ? (currently part of kena / kenb)
zafn - South Africa National Highways
zafr - South Africa Main Provincial Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
zmbt - Zambia Trunk Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
zmbm - Zambia Main Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
zwer - Zimbabwe Regional Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
zwep - Zimbabwe Primary Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.

I have a question about system names:

--- Quote from: si404 on January 12, 2019, 05:24:50 am ---marn - Morocco N Roads
--- End quote ---

The official languages in Morocco are Arabic and Berber.
The Arabian system name would be "Morocco الطريق الوطنية" and I thought French is an official language too, and the name should be "Morocco Routes Nationales". But I've just realized that it is not an official language according to wikipedia. So I think "Morocco National Roads" is really the right name. English because the official language does not use Latin alphabet. Am I right?

What's about countries where French is really the official language, like Togo or Gabon? Should it be French or do we wanna use English all over Africa?

btw: panda80 announced to start drafting marn. Should be noted in the list.


--- Quote from: michih on January 12, 2019, 10:23:41 am ---English because the official language does not use Latin alphabet. Am I right?
--- End quote ---
Transliteration, rather than that IIRC.

I've used place holder names for some systems.

In the Highway Browser, the Congo Routes Nationale system is identified as being in the Congo (DRC) region, yet shouldn't the region just be Congo, with Congo (DRC) used for the DRC Routes Nationale system?

Copy-paste error. Fixed locally.


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