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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #930 on: August 19, 2023, 09:08:03 pm »
A Florida trip the first half of this month was a little better than expected for TM clinches: I picked up just over 100 new miles.  A bypass of a delay on I-95 in Maryland yielded first travels on 4 Maryland state routes and one clinch of short MD 925.  This was mostly in Florida with some miles on state highways in the Miami area that I'd never traveled (first miles on 5 of them, but no new 100% clinches), a painfully slow and congested segment of US 27 just north of the Miami airport, about a mile of US 41 near Little Havana, and a 60-mile chunk of Florida's Turnpike between I-75 and the Jupiter area that clinched the mainline for me.

I don't anticipate anything new for the next couple of months.

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #931 on: August 21, 2023, 06:21:54 pm »
I ended up doing two more trips the last two weekends.

August 12, 2023-Day Trip Through PA, MD, and DE

I started this trip by taking US 15 SB to PA 94 SB/MD 30 SB to MD 91 SB to access MD 32 SB.  I had planned to access MD 32 SB southeast of Westminster, but I wanted to avoid that area due to severe weather taking down utility poles along MD 97/MD 140 earlier that week, and I was unsure if it had reopened.  I got off MD 32 SB at Broken Land Pkwy to do a long loop in order to clinch the unsigned MD 432 on the north side of the I-95/MD 32 interchange. 

I then took MD 32 SB to I-95 NB and stayed on I-95 NB all the way to Philadelphia where I looped around the airport and Eastwick neighborhood to clarify the routing of the new PA 291 ALT TRUCK (Philadelphia).  I then continued back onto I-95 NB all the way to US 13 in Bristol, PA, where I then did a loop using PA 413, PA 332, and Yardley-Morrisville/Pine Grove Rd. During this segment, I took a selfie with the I-95/I-276 interchange at the nearby Wawa on PA 413. 

Once done here, I followed I-276 WB to I-76 EB to US 30 WB all the way to York with a few excursions.  The first one was to check out the Nova Way connector road between US 30 and PA 10 west of Coatesville.  The second one was to see the Walnut St Extension construction at the eastern US 30/PA 23 interchange in Lancaster.  Thirdly, I accidentally exited onto PA 283 WB so I just turned around at PA 72.  Finally, I exited off of US 30 around Columbia and Wrightsville to check out PA 462 TRUCK (Columbia).  Then it was time for Cheddar's in York before taking I-83 back to Harrisburg.

Clinched: MD 432 (unsigned), PA 291 ALT TRUCK (Philadelphia), PA 462 TRUCK (Columbia) 

August 18-20, 2023-I-95 Express Lanes Trip (plus another Smithfield's Chicken-N-BBQ trip with mom)

I left my apartment just after 3 PM on Friday, and drove through Downtown Harrisburg to access US 15 via the Harvey Taylor Bridge.  However, I had a huge scare on Forster St where someone forced room right in front of me to go over two lanes to make a left on 3rd St.   :pan:  Even though no one was hit or anything like that, I had to stop at the Sheetz on Erford Rd in Camp Hill to catch my breath and recover. 

Anyway once on US 15 SB, I followed it all the way to Monocacy Blvd, which I used to bypass Downtown Frederick, and to access MD 85 to see its final form at I-270.  I then took MD 355 SB from MD 85 to MD 109 to photograph a Truss Bridge over the Monocacy River and to see the new bridge built over a creek south of Urbana.  I picked up I-270 SB at MD 109 and took it to I-495 Outer, which I followed via its Express Lanes (once in VA) to the I-95 SB Express Lanes, which I followed all the way to its new southern end approaching US 17 near Fredericksburg (thankfully without any congestion issues whatsoever).  I ended up cutting east to VA 2 (of course picking up US 301 in Bowling Green) via SR 606 south of Fredericksburg due to I-95 congestion around Ashland.  Once I got to I-295 via US 301/VA 2, I went straight to my parents' house near Hopewell for the night.

On Saturday, I basically took my mom to New Bern and eventually got some Smithfield's Chicken-N-BBQ.  Unsurprisingly, I found a different way to go than just I-95 SB to US 70/Future I-42 EB.  It was VA 156 SB to I-95 SB into NC though, however, it was then NC 186 EB to NC 305 SB to US 13 SB to Windsor.  Then it was NC 308 EB to NC 45 SB to NC 99 SB (to finish this clinch) to US 264 WB to US 17 BUS (Washington) SB (since I could finally clinch it) to NC 33 EB.  We stayed on NC 33 EB all the way from Chocowinity to its eastern terminus concurrent with NC 304. 

Afterwards, I clinched NC 304 by taking it south to NC 55 clinching NC 307 along the way.  I then took NC 55 EB to its eastern terminus in Oriental which my mom loved.  Sadly, there was a flipped over truck in the corn field at the NC 55/Kershaw Rd intersection north of Oriental.   Anyway, I then took NC 55 WB to New Bern where we stopped at the riverfront to take pictures of the US 17/US 70/NC 55 interchange over the Neuse River and the Alfred Cunningham Bridge (which opened while we were there) nearby.  Then it was NC 55 WB to NC 43 SB to US 17 NB/US 70 EB to MLK Blvd for lunch at Smithfield's Chicken-N-BBQ backtracking back to NC 43 NB after lunch.

After lunch, we ultimately followed NC 43 NB all the way to its northern terminus at NC 58 with three excursions.  The first one was a loop in Greenville to close a gap in US 13, see updated signage at the I-587/US 264 interchange, and see the new Royal Farms in that area.  The second one was taking NC 222 east of NC 43 to see its eastern terminus at NC 33.  The third one was myself missing the turn to stay on NC 43 NB in Pinetops so I instead stayed on NC 42 WB to NC 124 EB allowing myself to clinch NC 124.  After clinching NC 43, it was NC 58 NB to US 401 NB to I-85 NB back to Petersburg, VA, before seeing family before calling it a night.

Clinched: NC 305, NC 99, US 17 BUS (Washington, NC), NC 304, NC 307, NC 43, NC 124
New Mileage:  NC 561, US 13 (NC), NC 45, NC 33, NC 306, NC 55, NC 11, NC 903, NC 222, NC 42

On Sunday, I did some updated photos of the VA 10 construction by SR 618 and Rivers Bend Blvd in Chester before taking I-295 NB to I-95 NB back to do the Express Lanes in the northbound direction before taking the I-495 Inner Express Lanes.  I did backtrack a bit at Jones Branch Dr via SR 650 (Gallows Rd) due to having some photography issues, but I had little issue doing so as I got back onto the I-495 Inner Loop taking it to I-270 NB in Maryland.  I got lunch at the Royal Farms at the I-270/MD 85 interchange I looked at Friday before taking US 15 NB back to the Harrisburg area (though I got into a backup in Dillsburg for once oddly enough).
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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #932 on: August 22, 2023, 11:08:09 am »
I did a cross-country road trip starting in late June, five weeks and over 12,000 miles.

This was a three-phase road trip, with options to turn back if I wasn't comfortable going all the way to the Pacific coast. As some of you know, I've had some health problems this year, including worsening of a balance problem that started around the beginning of 2022. For now, I'm using a three-wheeled walker, to stay upright (a cane was not providing reliable support, especially on soft and/or uneven ground), and avoid "I've fallen and I can't get up!" situations. It's inconvenient and limiting (mainly means no hiking, for now), but I'm getting by without slowing my pace too much. I'm working with my doctors on how to better manage my balance issues.

The first phase of my trip was from home to Minneapolis, to help celebrate an elderly aunt's birthday. I previously discussed here how I got there, via western Michigan, to Wisconsin via the SS Badger auto ferry (alas, now out of service until next year at best, due to a failed vehicle loading ramp), then to the Twin Cities. Once there, I decided I was up for phase 2 of my trip, zigzagging through Iowa and Nebraska (went to both on a trip earlier this year) and then Kansas. From there, I drove to Denver, spending a few days for this year's brief Extra Miler Club meeting (serious county-counters), catching up on sleep and laundry, and plotting my next move. I decided that having driven two-thirds of the way across the country, I might as well keep going all the way to the Pacific coast. My other decision was to head into the Pacific Northwest rather than visit family in southern California (that might be a future trip TBD). I avoided hot weather in California, though there was some in arid eastern Washington.

First thing I did when I got to Washington state was take a right turn from Pasco to Lewiston over the new four-lane divided (posted at 70mph) US 12 alignment west of Walla Walla, then south back into Oregon via the lightly-traveled Asotin County (WA) and Wallowa County (OR). I zigzagged my way to the southwest corner of Oregon, with a quick dive into the northwest corner of California via US 199 to get to the Oregon coast. Then I turned north toward Portland, back west to Astoria via WA 4, then northeast to the Bremerton WA area.

At that point, I had to deal with the service issues the Washington State Ferries system has had lately, mainly staffing shortages that forced service reductions on some key routes across Puget Sound. After finishing my exploration of the Olympic Peninsula, I wound up unhappily driving around the Sound via Tacoma to my next stop Bellingham (took a pass on another visit to Canada), because the ferry route I had planned to take had sold out before I could make vehicle reservations, and alternate ferry routes that didn't require vehicle reservations were on reduced schedules. I did take a ferry day trip to Friday Harbor and back, in the San Juan Islands, while leaving my car in Anacortes since no reservations were needed for passenger-only travel. (I had decades ago taken my car from Sidney BC one-way to Anacortes with stopovers in Friday Harbor and Orcas. No WSF service to Canada this year.)

From Bellingham, it was some easterly zigzagging to Idaho and Montana, including a cross-state clinch of WA 20. Then a more or less straight shot to Omaha, from where I tried to clinch cross-state IA 92 (missed a few miles due to a bridge closure), and cover some territory in northeastern IA I had missed on the westbound journey due to severe weather that forced me to hunker down for a day in Fort Dodge. Once done with Iowa, I drove home via a boring Interstate-only route.

Significant route clinches:

Ohio -- US 20 Truck (Perrysburg), US 20 Alternate (Maumee)

Michigan -- US 31 in that state, the US 31 business routes I hadn't already clinched, re-clinch of I-94 Business (Benton Harbor), MI 63

Wisconsin -- re-clinch of US 10 overall, after its relocation in the Manitowoc area

Minnesota -- its segment of US 65

Iowa -- its segment of US 67

Iowa and Missouri -- their US 275 segments, to finish off the overall route

Kansas -- Kansas 147 (lots of new mileage elsewhere in KS, but no other clinched routes)

Washington -- re-clinch of US 12 overall; WA 129, WA 4, WA 409, WA 401, US 101Alt (Ilwaco), WA 107, WA 108, WA 285, WA 17, WA 19, US 97 Business (Okanogan), WA 292, WA 20

Oregon -- OR 3, OR 7, OR 19, OR 370, OR 380, OR 140, US 20 Business (Toledo), OR 223, OR 6, US 101 Business (Astoria)

Washington and Oregon -- Bridge of the Gods across the Columbia River (not mapped in TM)

Idaho -- ID 5, ID 97

Montana -- MT 1, MT 48, SR 441

Along with the route clinching, I also sought to boost my "round 2" county tally (counties revisited after I completed all the U.S. counties in 2010). I re-completed the counties in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon, and Washington, and for all those counties I went to the county seat city (usually including a drive around the courthouse). The only state I haven't re-completed in the lower 48 is Missouri, where I'm still missing 25 counties, scattered all over the state.
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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #933 on: August 23, 2023, 10:48:43 pm »
I just realized that I forgot to report on my latest road trip! About 10 days ago, I traveled from my hometown near Houston to Tulsa to move in for my sophomore year of college. From my home, (starting very early in the morning to beat Houston traffic) I took TX 288 and I-69/US 59 to Lufkin instead of the more typical route from Houston to Tulsa. From Lufkin, I used SL 287 around the west side of town to get to US 69, which I traveled on to Jacksonville. From Jacksonville, I got on US 175, which I took all the way to Dallas, clinching it in the process (my first US route clinch!). From Dallas, I used US 75 pretty much the entire way to Tulsa, avoiding OK 375 since I didn't know if ODOT had transferred it over to AET yet. The only diversions were clinching a couple business routes in Henryetta and OK 3 Bypass in Atoka. As a bonus for the trip, I managed to snag Kaufman County, TX, which I had not clinched before.

Major routes I clinched (in order of clinch):
TX SL 287, US 175 BUS (Athens), US 175, OK 3 Bypass (Atoka), I-40/US 62/75 Business (Henryetta)
Clincher of FM roads. Proud micro passer. Buc-ee's and QuikTrip fanboy.

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #934 on: August 25, 2023, 05:49:37 pm »
Looks like my travels for August are basically over, so here's my summary for May through August. This included two large road trips out to western PA via eastern PA, and I still haven't gotten back to the farm in Virginia to unload all the heavy camping gear! There have also been the usual trips between northern VA and eastern PA.

In June I took a trip to Milwaukee for a conference held at Marquette; between scheduling restrictions and budgetary restrictions I ended up starting at my parents' place in the Lehigh Valley, driving to Lansdale PA, parking at a friend's house, getting a ride to the SEPTA regional rail station, taking the train to the Philly airport (changing trains in Center City), flying from PHL to ORD, carpooling from O'Hare to Milwaukee, then on the return trip I took Amtrak to Chicago (a trip I'd never don on the train before, yay!), grabbing an Italian Beef sandwich at Luke's, then taking the Orange Line El to Midway, flying from MDW to PHL, getting a ride from Philly airport back to Lansdale, and driving back to the parents' place in time to get my dad to a doctor's appointment the next day. This did add some road mileage in both Illinois and Wisconsin. Most of my new mileage these past four months has been in PA, however, and I have now traveled over half the HB mileage in Pennsylvania as a result.

New clinches:
I-376 in PA (technical clinch), US 62 Business (Sharon PA), PA 233, PA 478, PA 533, PA 760

New mileage (but not clinched):
I-190 in IL, I-294 in IL (near-clinch), I-43 in WI, US 12 in IL, US 14 in IL, US 45 in IL, US 62 in PA, US 322 in PA, PA 8, PA 17, PA 18, PA 28, PA 35, PA 36, PA 38, PA 53 (clinched northern end), PA 58, PA 65, PA 74, PA 108, PA 138, PA 144 (clinched southern end), PA 158, PA 168, PA 173, PA 208, PA 263, PA 274, PA 308, PA 318, PA 333, PA 388, PA 518, PA 550, PA 718, PA 850, PA 879, IL 58, WI 32

The near-clinch of I-294 was thanks to getting off the interstate in search of lunch, and getting back on one exit further north.

Various obligations will involve plenty of travel in September and October but mostly in well-familiar areas between Virginia and eastern PA. I'll try to add a little more mileage in that neck of the woods -- I'd especially like to get myself over the halfway mark in Virginia!

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #935 on: August 27, 2023, 10:33:46 am »
Took a 19-hr ride yesterday...

New Clinches:
WV 23 (still has a legacy posting leaving old US 50)
WV 18 Spur (95% of this is a foot bridge over Middle Island Ck in West Union)
US 50 Truck (not in HB...this is posted from WV 18 SB in West Union, running both directions on Old US 50 through West Union)
WV 74
WV 18 (including unposted segment west of WV 2 to the Sistersville Ferry)
WV 7
WV 14
WV 36

New mileage:
WV 20 (through Clarksburg)
WV 2 (WV 18 to WV 7 bridge to OH)
OH 536 (bridge to WV)
OH 7 (OH 536 to OH 807)
WV 2 (WV 807 to I-77)
WV 4 (WV 36 to I-79 exit 62)...WV 4 is awesome.  Despite the very twisty appeaarance on maps, this can be driven almost continuously at 55 mph outside of towns)

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #936 on: August 27, 2023, 11:09:21 am »
US 50 Truck (not in HB...this is posted from WV 18 SB in West Union, running both directions on Old US 50 through West Union)


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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #937 on: August 30, 2023, 08:54:12 am »
Last week's final trip of the summer took me to SoCal again in advance of Mapkitten's junior year, this time driving one-way (delivering a car...she's been responsible) and flying home. There weren't any unclinched high-value roads left in my path, so I generally aimed for usausb and state route clinches. The longest of these were in Kansas (K-4 and K-96). K-4, I don't get. It passes through nothing of significance besides Topeka (where it piggybacks on a couple of freeways), and west of there it's always within a few miles of a more important route (I-70, US 56, or K-96). There's hardly any traffic, and lots of 90° turns suggesting the routing hasn't changed appreciably since the 1930s. Yet much of it is in really good shape.

Other highlights include "painting" (my term for clinching everything within a defined space) Kansas City, picking up my last 2 auxiliary US routes in Colorado, AZ 89A through Jerome, and dodging rocks and sand in the road left by Hurricane Hilary (mostly on CA 62 and around Palm Springs, which still had some closed roads on Friday). A planned trip up to Big Bear was scrapped due to CA 38 being washed out.

Overall I added 978 miles and 41 new clinches (14 in MO, 6 in KS, 10 in CO, 2 in UT, 6 in AZ, and 3 in CA).

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #938 on: September 04, 2023, 10:47:33 am »
A 2-week business trip to Brisbane, Australia allowed the opportunity to get quite a few km of new highways. In tier/numerical order (full clinches marked with *):

M1, M2*, M3 (might have a full clinch here; the mess of ramps at the end makes it difficult to determine where the end actually is), M3 (Bald Hills)*, M5, M7*, M7 (Brisbane), M15*; Southern Cross Way; A2, A3 (Brisbane), A5 (Springfield)*, A7 (Brisbane)*, A15, N13; MR5, QLD6, QLD10, QLD11 (Brisbane), QLD15 (Brisbane)*, QLD20*, QLD25 (Brisbane) (I only missed the last fraction of a km, as I didn't realize the road turned at the end; there is almost no signage past Lomandra Drive), QLD30, QLD31, QLD32*, QLD33*, QLD34*, QLD35*, QLD37*, QLD38*, QLD39*, QLD41 (Brisbane), QLD61*, QLD62 (Ipswich)*, QLD77 (Brisbane), QLD90, QLD92*, QLD93, QLD94, QLD95; AW, CCTD, PCW, TD7 (MCT), TD8 (GCH), TD16, TD24, WW.

Also some rail riding from Brisbane to Gold Coast.

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #939 on: September 11, 2023, 10:55:37 pm »
On Saturday, I did another round in western PA mainly in order to reclinch the new alignment of PA 228 just west of PA 8.  (

I left around 12:30 AM and took US 22 WB to PA 453 NB to I-99 SB/US 220 SB to US 22 WB to US 219 SB to PA 601 SB in Somerset.  Then I took PA 31 WB to I-70 WB to PA 201 NB to PA 837 NB via the Vance Dei Cas Hwy.

From there, I took PA 837 NB to the McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge and did a loop to clinch PA 148 (via US 30 and PA 48) and its truck route in McKeesport.

I then went back to PA 837 NB and took it all the way to US 19/PA 51/PA 60 at the West End Bridge to finish clinching the route.  Before moving on from PA 837, I cannot think of a route that is more unique especially with all of the odd intersections/interchanges at many of the bridges. 

I then continued on PA 51 NB all way to PA 65 SB on the east side of the Ohio River by Monaca and Rochester.  Then I took PA 65 SB back to Ambridge (passing another Sheetz being renovated along the way) to take PA 989 NB all the way north to PA 68 to clinch it.  I then turned around and took PA 989 SB back to the roundabout at Freedom-Crider Rd and took the Freedom-Crider Rd/Freedom Rd corridor east from there to PA 228 at US 19.  I then took PA 228 EB to Three Degree Rd right into the realignment construction as the rain started pouring.  I took shelter at the Sheetz at the PA 228/Three Degree Rd intersection for a bit before continuing on to see the realignment even though the rain did not really let up until I got east of PA 8.

I continued on PA 228 EB to PA 356 SB before taking PA 28 NB to Kittanning.  I left PA 28 NB at PA 85 EB to get to PA 839 NB to take that to New Bethlehem to clinch it.  I stopped briefly to take pictures of the Redbank Creek Dam and the PA 28/PA 66 Bridge before taking PA 28 NB to PA 536 EB to PA 36 SB to PA 436 SB in Punxsutawney.  I took PA 436 SB to US 119 SB to PA 210 SB to PA 954 SB staying on PA 954 all the way to Downtown Indiana.  I ended up adjusting my route slightly here because the PA 286/PA 954 Concurrency was closed for an event so I backtracked to PA 286 WB driving through the almost-completed widening project (yes, even the pavement markings were done, but not all lanes were open) to US 422/PA 56.  I took PA 56 EB from here (with a Sheetz stop along the US 119 concurrency) back to PA 954 NB heading back to Downtown Indiana where I easily sight-clinched the one block closed south of PA 286.  Since I had clinched PA 286 in June 2021, I did not need to join the event for a walk clinch to consider myself as having clinched PA 954.

From Indiana I took PA 286 EB to US 219 NB to PA 879 EB to I-80 EB.  The rest of the drive was dodging in and out of heavy rain taking I-80 EB to US 15 SB ultimately back to Harrisburg.  I will note that I stopped in Shamokin Dam for dinner at the Hoss' in Shamokin Dam for dinner (where we had lunch at the 2018 CSVT Meet).

Clinched: PA 837, PA 148, PA 148 TRUCK (McKeesport), PA 989, PA 228 (reclinch), PA 839, PA 954
New Mileage:  PA 88, PA 51

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #940 on: Yesterday at 10:26:40 pm »
Just recently returned from my second-ever trip to Europe. I visited Ireland, Spain, and Andorra, all for the first time and got mileage in all three.

- Drove in both Co Dublin and Wicklow. The rural roads in Wicklow were a lot of fun and certainly the most intense driving if I've ever done! Google routed us on Red Lane between M11 and R755 which was incredibly narrow with numerous blind corners!
- I am the only person to have driven on R759 (the Lough Tay lookout was amazing), R817 (to avoid traffic on M50), and R836 (this segment was entirely on foot. We walked from the hotel at the R132 roundabout in search of a late dinner)

- Logged mileage in three regions, Catalonia, Madrid, and Castile and Leon
- Clinched AP61 and N603 in Castile and Leon (south of Segovia)
- Clinched C55 in Catalonia, funny enough by mistake, since my brother's Waze was set to "no tolls" on our drive to Andorra
- Cinched N145 in Catlonia

- I'm the only one of 9 travellers not to have clinched CG-1. Both directions, we veered onto the City streets to the north