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Experimenting with new site update script


With tonight's site update, I've started to experiment with a new update script.  I had to fix up a couple things manually today, but I think all's good.  Let me know if you notice anything that looks off within the next few days while I continue work on this.

I might have managed to get the DB into a state inconsistent with stats and logs.  Re-running now, hopefully all will be good shortly.

The chcon stuff? Weird.
hash chcon returns nonzero, so $chcon should get set to false. We should be OK. In theory.

Thought there was a forum post or GitHub issue spoecifically saying trying to use chcon on noreaster got things into a bad state, but can't find it.

I bet there was a problem with the combination of set -e and running false, and that's what necessitated a584d79.


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