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It also needs the custom stats functionality - a lot of people didn't want these routes mucking up their stats.
Considering how systems like usaal and usanyp also linger in perpetual preview, I question whether using preview status as a poor man's substitute for custom stats is really worth it.
N1 is missing a point at exit 391. While this is mainly for a service plaza, the southwestbound lanes do have the opportunity to exit onto R101.
Found a couple new Great River Road spurs while visiting the Quad Cities this morning.

One in Rock Island goes from the main route following IL 92 to the Black Hawk Historic Site, ending in a parking lot. It follows 31st Ave, 11th St (US 67), 46th Ave (IL 5), and 15th St.

The other, a route of 5 whole blocks in Andalusia, is a spur from IL 92 that follows 1st St to a river access point.
I found another spur of the ORSB in Old Shawneetown, IL:

The spur branches off the main ORSB at Galt Avenue in Shawneetown. It then continues southeast past Holeman Road (The particular sign you found does not seem to be on the actual route of the spur.) to Main Street in Old Shawneetown, where it turns northeast. It turns southeast again on Madison Street and ends on top of the levee.
^ The first two links are to the same URL.

Fixed now. 
Updates to Highway Data / Re: DE: US 9 TRUCK (Georgetown) Realignment
« Last post by froggie on Today at 06:59:23 pm »
^ The first two links are to the same URL.
(For US 9 TRUCK (Georgetown))  Sussex County - Park Avenue Phase 1 in Georgetown now open to traffic


I will have a closure point at the east end of the realignment.  (

The western portion of the existing Park Avenue will become a cul-de-sac, ending at the railroad tracks on the western side of the airport, according to Lawson. Another cul-de-sac will be constructed on the other side of the tracks, for use until construction is complete, at which point that portion of the road will be abandoned and eventually removed.
Other Discussion / Re: Project Statistics
« Last post by michih on Today at 12:44:06 pm »
We do have more than 200 forks of the user repository now: 202. I don't know if anyone has more than one fork. I don't know how many users do actually submit their list files via Github. But 202 forks compared to 417 (actual or virtual) users is quite impressive :)
Updates to Highway Data / Re: HRV: D403/D680 Podmurvice tunnel Rijeka
« Last post by michih on Today at 12:31:03 pm » has been updated. The old D403 is gone, and D680 is indicated being D403 now.

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