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Today, METAL's Highway Data Examiner was enhanced in two ways:

1) The Vertex Closest Pairs search algorithm visualization now searches for both the closest pair and the most distant pair of waypoints in the graph.

2) The "Option 1" search bar on the "Load Data" panel now matches filenames as well as descriptions.

A new version of HDX has been installed into production today.  This version implements some new algorithm visualizations, has support for conditional breakpoints, and has many bug fixes and UI improvements.

The production HDX has a new feature to load a graph on startup with the load= query string parameter.  For example

would load the Andorra graph without bringing up the Load Data panel.

There is also a noav QS parameter that will bypass the Algorithm Visualization selection panel.  It can be used by itself, or in conjunction with the load QS parameter.

Please let me know if you notice that anything has been broken with this update.

Another QS parameter was added to HDX, units= can specify miles, km, ft, or meters.  Your choice will be remembered in a browser cookie and remain in effect until you load HDX with a different
--- Code: ---units=
--- End code ---

Issue has been opened to reflect the intent to allow this to be changed through the site UI at some point in the future.

A new version of METAL's HDX is almost ready, with a new user interface, a few new algorithms, and various other enhancements.  For now, it can be accessed at


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