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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #855 on: January 15, 2023, 09:58:40 am »
I took a week-long ski trip to Stowe, VT (renting a cottage in Eden) and returned yesterday. Here were my new travels:

- QC A-530 west of QC 201 (A-530 now clinched) > QC 201 south > QC 202 east to Rang Roxham
- Used Rang Roxham, then turned east to parallel the US border to QC 223 to cross into Rouses Point, NY
^ The above QC travels gave me two new counties

- A very brief jaunt into NY on US 11 and US 2 to get Clinton County

- Took US 2 east > VT 78 east > I-89 south
- Got off at exit 18 and went south on US 7 to Milton for dinner (which gave an extra county)
- Went back north on US 7 > VT 104A east > VT 104 east > VT 15 east > VT 100C east (clinch) > VT 100 north to Eden. This leg of the trip through the mountains had heavy snowfall and low visibility at night, which was an annoying way to end the drive. But it's also nice to see it snowing when you plan on skiing the next day. :D
^ The above VT travels gave me four new counties

We drove several times between Eden and Stowe on VT 100 and VT 108. On my first trip when I drove, in one direction, I made sure to pass through the notorious all-way stop in Stowe (as opposed to the signed north bypass) and took VT 100 through Morrisville instead of the truck route to get those routes (all other trips took the two bypasses, which includes a clinch of VT 100 Alt Morrisville).

The return trip home used VT 118 north (clinch) > VT 108 north > QC 237 north (clinch) > QC 202 west > QC 133 north > A-35 north (clinch, until the extension south is built).
We then merged onto A-10 west (not new mileage) which had an accident and added an hour to our drive :pan:. I did get new mileage of A-15 between A-10 and A-30 (a minimal detour and thankfully my passanger didn't notice the "Ontario via A-30 Ouest" sign :) ), and travelled a portion of QC 132/138 in Chateauguay for lunch and to buy bagels.

All-in-all a pretty successful trip for 7 new counties, 2 new border crossings, and new mileage in NY, QC, and VT (mainly the latter two).

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #856 on: January 22, 2023, 04:13:19 pm »
Yesterday, I finished the rest of the MD Travel Mapping mileage with the exception of MD 575 (Showell) that I completely missed on the Eastern Shore.

Clinched: US 40 (MD)*, MD 144 (Frederick), MD 144 (New Market), MD 144 (Cooksville), MD 147, MD 7 (White Marsh)

Unsurprisingly, no new mileage was added to any other routes.  A secondary note is that the Highway to Nowhere was closed eastbound for some reason as I saw someone inspecting the pavement, but it was open westbound so that was a minimal issue.

*Gives me full clinch of US 40 east of Wheeling, WV

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #857 on: January 24, 2023, 10:31:41 am »
Traveled to the Mobile, AL area at the end of the week last week. Didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped, but I was able to:
Complete my clinch of US43, US45 (first mileage in AL), US90, and US98 East of I-65 (this got me over 90% on US Numbered Hwys)
Complete my clinch of US90Alt in Pensacola
Complete my clinch of US98Trk in Mobile (also finished US Aux Numbered Hwys in AL with this one)
Get 20 of 24 miles on AL225 (got me down to 20 miles left to reach 50% of AL State Hwys)

Only 383.69 miles of Active Mileage in AL left

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #858 on: January 26, 2023, 04:33:59 pm »
As expected, the last three months of 2022 were limited to travel between northeast New Jersey and the Northern Neck of Virginia. While I didn't get any new mileage in Virginia, I did drive on some new roads and get a few clinches in MD, PA, and NJ.

New clinches:
PA 75, PA 995, NJ 439, MD 22, MD 132 (main segment), MD 132 (East Aberdeen segment), MD 157, MD 158, MD 702

New near-clinches:
NJ 28

New mileage (non-clinches):
US 1 in NJ, US 9 in NJ, US 40 in MD, NJ 27, NJ 35, MD 7 (main segment), MD 150, MD 151, NC 54

This clinches all of "US 1-9" in New Jersey (I'd never been on the piece through Elizabeth before) and all of both US 9 and NJ 35 north of South Amboy. I missed a small piece of NJ 28 due to timing constraints, so I'll have to go back and get that later. I finished the northern end of NJ 27, Rahway to Newark; the northern end has the route number marked on the last two northbound mileage signs (on Poinier St and the ramp to NJ 21 in Newark) but it's quite some time going southbound before an average driver would know they're on a numbered state highway.

With winter having set in, I expect not to be doing much roadtripping until March, other than going back and forth between Northern VA and my parents in eastern PA. Stay safe everyone.