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Server OS and software updates

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I'm going to apply some OS updates and probably update some software versions today, July 19.  Expect little impact, hopefully just a quick reboot or two, but you never know.

I've worked around but not yet understood or solved the problem that caused the earlier downtime.  Expect a little more disruption as I continue to investigate and try things.

I think we're good now.  The package update system replaced a symbolic link needed on startup with a new directory that of course didn't have the right contents, and the MySQL server startup script was hanging at boot time.  This was the first package update of MySQL since the DB moved to the SSD drives earlier this year.  Now I know.

I'm planning to update the server's FreeBSD version some time during the day on Friday, January 14.  While I'm in, I'll probably update all software versions.  It's a minor version update so I don't anticipate any complications, but you never know.  Expect occasional down time at some point during the day, with the possibility of a longer outage if I run into any trouble.

Everything appears to have gone smoothly, should be back to normal now.


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