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While this isn't the start of any official data set for Down Under, I found myself drafting a route file for Australia's Highway 1, the perimeter highway of the mainland. According to Wikipedia, the route starts in Katherine, Northern Territory, and goes around Australia's outer edge and ends at itself in Katherine, with a spur running north to Darwin.
Since the spur and the mainline running south from Katherine are both part of the Stuart Highway, I opted to use Darwin as the origin, and started running clockwise around Australia.
Currently, route 1 is in one giant file. To give an idea how massive it is with only two states, from Darwin, NT, to the Queensland/New South Wales border, the highway is 2628 miles long (out of a projected 9000+), 1010 points, 706 of which are shape points. Queensland apparently has a number of duplicated state highway numbers with no relation to each other.
To break this down further:
Northern Territory (Darwin - Queensland): 776 miles
Points: 256
Shape points: 217
Queensland: 1852 miles
Points: 755
Shape points: 489

The 10 mile distance maximum between clinchable points has been ignored but is more or less irrelevant from Brisbane south and won't be an issue until Melbourne's been cleared, in fact, it could be argued that New South Wales-Victoria-South Australia portion, while far lower on the shape points, will 'bloat' the file!

Ultimately, the file would be split up by state. It could even be split by the alpha-numeric changes through out (N1 in NT, N1 in northwest QLD, A1 along the coast, M1 where it becomes a motorway, and B1 near Melbourne, and so on).

New South Wales: 829 miles
Points: 437
Shape Points: 223

Total: 3457 miles
Points: 1446
Shape points: 929

Victoria: 595 miles
Points: 265
Shape Points: 119

Total: 4052 miles
Points: 1711
Shape Points: 1194

South Australia: 1082 miles
Points: 247
Shape Points: 156

Total: 5134 miles
Points: 1958
Shape Points: 1202

A computer crash way back when destroyed my work in southern NSW, Victoria, and South Australia on Hwy 1. I also discovered that a good portion of coordinates on the NT portion are off by 360° longitude, resulting in strange world wrapping on the map.
Initially, I started the draft as a single file, just to see how big it was (got into Westerm Australia before the aforementioned crash), and it was bogging the highway drafter down quite badly, definitely arguing for subdivision splits for Australia.
Lastly, with motorway construction through both QLD and NSW, the trace is out of date as 1 bounces between A1 and M1 less often.


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