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If no one has taken on Australia I could start working on that next (now that Iceland is "done").

It should definitely be split into subregions, though.

I believe Bickendan made a start by drafting Highway 1. For that reason, I didn't begin drafting the system to keep me awake* while listening to the Ashes this winter (though I was glad I slept through most of the humilating parts). I plan on working on NZL state highways to keep me awake during the 2-test series in late March.

Sub-regions for Australia are set up already.

One big problem with this system is that they have transitioned to alphanumeric numbering, but Western Australia isn't doing it and Northern Territory is still in transitioning. ACT doesn't generally number its roads. Also status isn't linked to number and the prefixes on the alphanumeric numbering change with status (M, A, B) so routes might be many files just because some parts are freeway, other parts aren't, some parts receive national funding (and are thus 'National Highway'), others don't (but are still part of the national network as 'National Routes'). It's all a bit of a mess.

*when play is through the night UK time.

This is the most annoying thing from what I can make out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highways_in_Australia#Route_numbering_systems

Basically other than ACT and NSW doing stuff the same, every state and territory does things differently. Some keep special shields for National Highways, others have special shields for each type of route, some have no shields.

Ideally this would be the split, but the other stuff complicates it and this format would have issues in any state:
Motorways (roads with M prefixes) - tier 1
National Highways (roads with A prefixes) - tier 3 (continental system)
National Routes (roads with B prefixes) - tier 4 (national system)
State Routes - tier 5 (subnational system)

However it really doesn't work like that. Most states have National Routes as A roads (occasionally A or B, depending on how they feel) without the special shields (or with different shields) that National Highways have. NSW/ACT doesn't seem to have any distinction between the two systems.


--- Quote from: Duke87 on February 12, 2018, 01:09:16 am ---If no one has taken on Australia I could start working on that next (now that Iceland is "done").
--- End quote ---

What's about peer-reviews? We currently have 60(!) systems in preview.

Talking about Asia-Pacific, I thought about reviewing index and jpne next. You could review chng or asiahr et cetera. There are also some systems in USA/CAN and Europe left...

And there's already an Australia thread.

If someone has already claimed it I won't step on their toes - the OP suggested it was unclaimed.

WRT peer review... you have a point, although I hesitate to go reviewing routes in a jurisdiction I have little familiarity with. Let me dig through and see what systems need review that no one has claimed.


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