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Construction Project Fact Sheets
• US 77/Fremont Southeast Beltway
  (new waypoints on existing routes)
• N-7 between Bassett and Springview

--- Quote ---Big Improvement for Your Buck: This small, cost-effective project straightens curves and improves shoulders on a two-mile stretch of N-7 between Bassett and Springview. With one of the higher crash rates in the region, this project addresses safety needs on a regionally signficant segment.

Builds on Previous Investments: Previous improvements have already been made under the asset preservation program. The modernization of this segment will potentially allow for the redesignation of the roadway to US 183,  which would provide improved route connectivity.

--- End quote ---

Design Project Fact Sheets
• US 30 Grand Island East Bypass

--- Quote ---Stakeholder Support: There is support for moving US 281 from the west side of Grand Island to the east side to provide a more direct route from I-80 to the Central Nebraska Regional Airport. Additionally, the relocation of the highway would provide a better connection for existing businesses that rely heavily on transportation.
--- End quote ---
Keep US281 where it is, and move NE2 east offa da multiplexes, you savages!

June: US30, North Bend to Fremont Rogers

Summer: Fremont Southeast Beltway
End of 2023: Blair bypass

Spring: Lincoln South Beltway

US30, Schuyler to Rogers
US30, Rogers to North Bend


--- Quote from: yakra on December 03, 2020, 04:58:21 pm ---End of 2023: Blair bypass

--- End quote ---
Is this link right?

Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

The Blair bypass is new to me. Any idea if it would be signed as mainline 30 or Truck 30? OSM has a line drawn in, looks like it would connect to 75 but if mainline 30 is put on it "eastbound" 30 would tack northwest. Plus, westbound 30 would now have two lefts and one right vs. one left through Blair.

I'm putting off clinching my unvisited Nebraska counties until that four-lane 30 is totally done between Fremont and Columbus, but if that has an ambiguous date I'll have to wait a while longer.


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