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List of potential systems (Grey=no potential system, Black=to be checked or not yet drafted (not in HB), Red=devel, Orange=preview, Chocolate=review requested, Green=active).

Sub-continental system
naca - Rutas Centroamericanas (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.

National systems
abwrt - Aruba Routes
aia? - Anguilla ?
argrn - Argentina Rutas Nacionales (michih) reviewer: t.b.d.
atg? - Antigua and Barbuda ?
bes? - Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba ?
bhs? - Bahamas ?
blm - Saint Barthelemy is part of Guadeloupe's numbering system
blzar - Belize National Routes
blzd - Belize District Routes
bmu? - Bermuda ?
bolf - Bolivia Red Vial Fundamental (signed?)
brabr - Brazil Rodovias Federais
brbh - Barbados Highways
chlrn - Chile Rutas Nacionales (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.
chlsf - Chile Select Freeways (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.
colrn - Colombia Red Nacional de Carreteras (signed?)
crir - Costa Rica Rutas Nacionales
cuba - Cuba Autopista
cubn - Cuba Main Roads
cuw? - Curacao ?
cyma - Cayman Island A Roads (unsigned)
dma? - Dominica ?
dom? - Dominican Republic Main Roads
ecue Ecuador Primerias Red Vial Estatal
flka - Falkland Islands A Roads (numbered?)
flkb - Falkland Islands B Roads (numbered?)
glpn - Guadeloupe Routes Nationales
glpd - Guadeloupe Routes Départementales
grd? - Grenada ?
grl? - Greenland ?
gtmrn - Guatemala National Roads
gufn - French Guiana Routes Nationales
gufd - French Guiana Routes Départementales (si404) reviewer: michih
guy? - Guyana ?
hdn? - Honduras Rutas Nacionales
htirn - Haiti Routes Nationales
jamt - Jamaica Motorways
jama - Jamaica A Roads
jamb - Jamaica B Roads (si404)
kna? - St Kitts and Nevis ?
lca? - St Lucia ?
maf - Saint Martin is part of Guadeloupe's numbering system
mexd - Mexico Federal Expressways
mexed - Mexico State Expressways (split into multiple systems?)
mexsf - Mexico Select Freeways (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.
mexf - Mexico Federal Highways (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.
mexemex - Estado de México Carreteras Estatales (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.
mexqro - Querétaro Carreteras Estatales (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.
mexdfeje - Mexico City Ejes (neroute2) reviewer: t.b.d.
msr? - Montserrat ?
mtqa - Martinique Autoroutes
mtqn - Martinique Routes Nationales
mtqd - Martinique Routes Départementales
nicnic - Nicaragua National Roads
pan? - Panama National Highways
perpe - Peru Carreteras Nacionales (signed?)
prypy - Paraguay Rutas Nacionales (signed?)
slvrn - El Salvador Rutas Nacionales
spmn - Saint Pierre and Miquelon Routes Territoriales
sur? - Suriname ?
sxm? - Sint Maarten ?
tcaa - Turks and Caicos Islands A Roads
tcab - Turks and Caicos Islands B Roads
ttoh - Trinidad and Tobago Highways (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
ttomr - Trinidad and Tobago Main Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
uryrn - Uruguay Rutas Nacionales
vct? - St Vincent and the Grenadines ?
vent - Venezuela Rutas Nacionales (signed?)
vgb - British Virgin Islands (no system)

Chile Rutas Nacionales do not appear to be signed particularly thoroughly, but signs do exist. Also sometimes text instead of shield.


--- Quote from: Duke87 on February 13, 2019, 08:32:09 pm ---but signs do exist. Also sometimes text instead of shield.
--- End quote ---

I think that's common all over SA. For instance, ARG and URY routes are signed "well" but not "thoroughly" as we are used from other countries.

Any plans to include the Autopista systems for Chile and Argentina?  They're wholly concurrent with the other numbered routes, but there is precedent for that (New Zealand).

Peru (at least near Cusco and Puno) has not very good signage...


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