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I'm not proposing that we start this system, however, having traveled a bit of AH 1 near Kolkata, I noted a couple things that will need to be accounted for:
What Google and OSM show as NH 19 is signed in the field as NH 2, both as reassurance shields and with distance milestones.
I suspect other Indian NH routes are also incorrect in online maps, unless there has been a recent renumbering scheme and signage hasn't been swapped.

Wikipoo says 2 was renumbered 19 in 2010. But if it's still signed as 2, yeh.

I'm planning on taking a stab at India, focusing on the state of West Bengal (as I've been there).

India has four systems of note: AH, of which is already drafted
NE, their National Expressway system, and not relevant to West Bengal
NH, their National Highway system
SH, each state's respective highway system

Based on field observation, 'headache' is a compliment. In 2010, the Ministry of Roads and Transport completely renumbered the NH system, converting it to a grid-like system like the US highways. In this instance, odd numbers run west to east, with 1 in the north and 87 in the south, and even numbers run north to south, with 2 in the east and 68 in the west. However, as of February 2020, none of the NH in West Bengal have been renumbered in the field.
Additionally, OpenStreetMap does not have accurate mapping outside of Kolkata, and there is no GMSV coverage in India. In several instances, Google Maps has the best mapping (even when comparing against OSM, Bing, MapQuest, and RMN), though Google itself has some errors I've noticed.

Wikipedia has a very detailed city itenary list for the NH here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_National_Highways_in_India_by_highway_number
For official sources for our bibliography, the pdfs in the links should suffice and I will verify when I get a chance.

As for State Highways, I've yet to begin formal research and am relying on field observations for West Bengal. I'll be using West Bengal as a test state, as that will give me an idea how comprehensive the entirety of India will be.

You might want to start reviewing a preview first, or in combination with drafting new routes:
--- Quote from: si404 on April 16, 2016, 02:36:18 pm ---
* index - India National Expressways (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
* asiahp - UNESCAP / ASEAN Asian Highways (for preview) - (BGD, CHN (AH, GD, GX, GZ, HA, HB, HN, JS, JX, QH, SH, XZ, YN, ZJ), IND, NPL, PRK) (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
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--- Quote from: michih on August 30, 2020, 10:03:14 am ---You might want to start reviewing a preview first
--- End quote ---
The Indian routes are not ready for review. In part because of the mess of the NH system and the renumbering. In part because I've not touched them since first drafting them years ago.

I'm perfectly fine with Bickendan taking a stab at West Bengal, and have zero problems with changes being made to the routes I drafted in India (the whole lot). Not least as it means I don't have to deal with it!   :P


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