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I'm currently about 80% of the way to preview, and it looks like we may have a Hawaii issue.

The main type of signage for Rutas Nacionales is reference posts (old and new style for km 22 on section 2502 of Ruta 25). Standalone route markers are extremely rare.

Rutas Departamentales are unsigned in most departments, but a few do use reference posts, and Antioquia even uses markers (similar to the national marker, but with the department name on top and a department outline behind the number, Oklahoma-style). Departmental reference posts are identical to those on national routes (though a bit looser fontwise): 5302, 56BY01, 6103, 90GJ03. Numbering is coordinated; for example, departmental 43CS01 and national 43CS02 are the first two spurs from 43 in Cesar.

There is good GIS data, but it seems to be slightly outdated, leaving the possibility open that routes have changed from departmental to national. In particular, another GIS viewer includes a pre-construction (as of whenever the data is from) concession for 50A thru Libano, Armero, and Cambao. It is not labeled in the data, but reference posts have been recently installed. Is this a national or departmental route? I have no idea.

Just to the east is 5008A. GIS shows it to be national east of km 36, where the concession ends. But then reference posts restart from 101 to 67. Is this extension national or departmental?

Colombia is now live!
Details in the readme: https://github.com/TravelMapping/HighwayData/blob/master/hwy_data/COL/colrn/README.md

I nominate Ruta 85 for the most isolated route on a large landmass. It's almost as far from routes in Brasil as it is from other Colombian routes.


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