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Re: New HB findroute implementation
« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2020, 08:32:34 pm »
I don't know whether the mechanism is just route-based. If not....

A simple "Don't show routes" check box (default = true) would make the trick... ;)

...could this reduce loading times? Maybe the table could be generated without routes and routes are just loaded in the background. If one disables "Don't show routes" they might already be loaded.

Just my 2c. Just an idea..........

Putting hb/index.php in CSV order would be better. Or maybe fixing Findroute to let users filter by region, system, etc. before it loads every route in the TM database, which creates delays that for me makes Findroute unusable. That fix might also allow us to decommission hb/index.php.

Is it feasible and worth to open a Github issue?

Sure - I would have to think about options here, but no harm creating an issue.  I will not have a chance to look at anything significant before Thanksgiving when my moved-up semester ends.  But on the bright side (for TM progress by me), my spring semester start has been delayed to February 22 so I'll have an unusually long break and hope to dedicate some significant chunk of it to TM/METAL work.