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Re: jpne: Japan Expressways
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More northern Honshu

a) Waypoint 1(Job) could be C3/SE6.  SE6 is the thru road.
b) Waypoint 10-1 should be 10-1(Job)
c) Add exits 19-1(job), 20-1(Job), and 20-2(Job)

a) E48 does not exist between waypoints 9 and 10. Need to split it into two entries.
b) E48 ends at waypoint 9
c) Add exit 7-1(Yam)

E48Tsu (Tsuruoka) - new entry
a) Starts at waypoint 10

a) Add exit 2-1
b) Waypoint 14 should be E7/E8
c) Add a new waypoint 14, ~1 km north of E7/E8, at the bridge.

a) no changes

E4 correction
a) Waypoint 1 could be called SES1/C3 or C3/SES1.  SES1 is the continuing road.  (My original suggestion used S1, not SES1)