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Jamaica A Roads (jama)
« on: February 05, 2018, 02:58:44 pm »
New: BruAve
T3_Ang is off
Exceeds limits b/n T3_Ang and B2
T3 has numbered exits according to OSM. Exit numbers should be used for A1 wp labels.
T3_Gol is off
+X639442 is off
+X128556 is off
B10 is off (well, could be positioned better)
RodSt is off
B15_W is off
BogWalPondRd --> BogWalRd
B8 is off
+X128556 is off
+X896106 is off
+X163556 is off
+X299857 is off

B12_E is off
Is WhaRd really necessary? wp is off
B12_W is off
HalHallMainRd --> TreRd
OldPorMainRd_E --> OldMainRd_E; wp is off
Shaping point to make clear that hte new alignment is the signed route
OldPorMainRd_W --> OldMainRd_W
Is MarDr really necessary? wp is off
Is HopeClo really necessary? wp is off
Is SpiGroMainRd really necessary? If so, Old Spur Tree Hill Road should be the correct road name; wp is off
AliPondMainRd --> AliMainRd; wp is off
NewCasRd is off
LacMouRd --> LavMouRd
Is BapWhiHallRd really necessary? If so --> BapWhiRd
LuaSanGroRd_E --> LuaSanRd_E
Is WestSt really necessary?
NewHopSheRd --> NewHopRd

New OxfRd
OldStoHillRd --> OldStoRd
Is SeaRd really necessary?
RobBayMaiRd --> RobBayRd or RobMainRd
A4 --> A4_N
Is BaiValeRd really necessary?
A3Mon is off (could be positioned better)

BreHillRd is off
A3 is off (could be positioned better)

New MouViewAve
Is LaneGateAve really necessary?
Exceeds limits b/n LaneGateAve and AlbBlvd
Is Mui really necessary?
Is BlaHill really necessary?
A3 --> A3_N

Are routes in Kingston really signed? They are not indicated on OSM nor GM.