Author Topic: TX: US 281 reroute in Premont, creation of business route  (Read 1199 times)

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TX: US 281 reroute in Premont, creation of business route
« on: January 22, 2024, 09:21:07 pm »
TxDOT has rerouted US 281 around the small town of Premont on the south end of Jim Wells County. They opened the bypass northbound just about a year ago when I drove it; it was open in both directions when I passed through again last week. The old road is signed as (yet another) US 281 Business. (Was this what AASHTO signed off on back in the spring of 2022?)

FM 716 ends at the old route, but there is an exit off the bypass for NE 8th St, which becomes FM 716 on the other side of the old road. The new highway is shown in OpenStreetMap, though they didn't mark it as US 281 (the old road is still listed that way). But if we follow signage, there should be a reroute with a waypoint of 8thSt and the old road utilizing the existing FM716 waypoint.

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