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Re: AASHTO Spring 2017
« Reply #15 on: September 18, 2020, 03:54:33 pm »
Similarly, one might think I'd have learned from the KS US40 debacle a few years back, but nope. I jumped the gun on the TX US90 reroute that was approved in Spring 2017. The most recent GMSV imagery shows a full complement of signage along the old route. Most recent signage is Aug 2018, EB at I-10(851). Oh bother. I suppose I should pull a KS US40 and undo the changes until I confirm it's actually signed? Yecch... Edit: Done.
I pulled a KS US40 and undid the relocation of TX US90 around Beaumont. Included an updates entry, as the changes have been in place for [almost] 2 years.
...ll watch out for signage, and re-add the route when I confirm.
I'll be more cautious about similar edits in the future.
As it turns out, I was too quick to make that reversion. If I'd taken a closer look at I-10, imagery from Aug 2018 should have been available showing US90 added to the new route and removed from the old route. Meanwhile, Mar 2020 imagery at the west end of the relocation shows updated signage.

I'll reinstate the changes, and commit along with phase 2 of the Big Spring bypass.

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