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Northwest Territories outlook
« on: January 19, 2019, 07:37:22 pm »
Now that the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway (NT 10) has been completed, NT's Ministry of Infrastructure is shifting its focus to other new all-season roads. But nothing yet has happened that affects TM.

One project in the pipeline is a new 97-km all-season road from NT 3 to Whati. No route number has yet been assigned (that usually is among the last things done for new NT highways), but NT 9 is still unused if there is going to be a route number at all. Construction is currently scheduled to start in fall of this year, and end in fall 2021.

The more ambitious project, part of which has already opened but the rest will probably take much longer than the Whati road, is to extend as an all-season road the Mackenzie Highway (NT 1) from its current end in Wrigley, about 330 km to Norman Wells. The part that opened in November 2018 is a new 14-km all-season road from Norman Wells southeast to Canyon Creek. Next up probably will be 15 km of new all-season road (following the existing winter road) from Wrigley to Mt. Gaudet, as well as construction of a new bridge near Tulita. No timetables have been announced for the next phases.

The legal definitions of NT highways have not been amended to add the Norman Wells-Canyon Creek all-season road as a new highway (unlike NT 10, which was added as soon as it opened). My guess is that for now it is being treated as part of the unnumbered Mackenzie Highway (Wrigley-Fort Good Hope) Winter Road. In any case, no need to change anything in TM at this time.

UPDATE: The new road to Canyon Creek has been added to the legal definitions, but as an unnumbered route.
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