Author Topic: MO: MO32Bus add; Branson area changes  (Read 346 times)

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MO: MO32Bus add; Branson area changes
« on: May 30, 2019, 06:25:17 pm »
Got a laundry list of stuff from my recent travels in Missouri.

First, MO32Bus in Park Hills should be included. Looking at some of the points in connecting files, maybe it was at one point, although the points are currently misplaced. Going west to east, MO32Bus starts here, goes up Front St/Municipal Dr all the way to W Main St, goes a block south before it's concurrent with US67BusDes (sign), turns onto Flat River Dr (mislabeled as SpoComDr on the US67 listing), and heads briefly south to return to MO32. Note: the Bus US67 sign in the last link is a bit of a misnomer; US67Bus still follows and is signed along the route in the HB.

Next, two alterations from the Branson area. I thought I posted these before, but can't find the post, so maybe I didn't; sorry if I already did. US65BusBra's northern end does NOT start at the end of MO248. It begins by being concurrent with MO76 on Main St, before turning south down Veterans Blvd. Also, MO165 ends where its concurrency with MO265 ends here.

Also, a smaller nitpick. The north endpoint in the HB for US61BusCan is a bit off to the south of its actual location, shown pretty reliably in the Googles.


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Re: MO: MO32Bus add; Branson area changes
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 12:02:46 pm »
  • MO 32 Business: This file existed at one point, never made it from GGM to WPT. I also had it following Business 67 more. I've re-created the file and renamed points on Business 67 and MO 32 as necessary.
  • MO 165: This one confused me. I think what happened is that the standalone part of 165 between 265 and 65 was turned over, signed as County Road 165, and the signs for 165 along 265 left unchanged such that's it's a redundant multiplex. I think the correct answer is to truncate it at the east/south junction (leaving the label MO265_S). I will leave the relevant US 65 point alone because there's no harm in having the county road number in the name especially as many maps including Google still have 165 going to there.
  • US 65 Business: Made necessary changes to route and labels for US 65/MO 76/MO 248.
  • US 61 Business Canton: Pretty sure the end WAS there and subsequent construction moved it. I'll relocate the point.