Author Topic: new feature: HB "Intersecting/Concurrent Routes" links keep previous center/zoom  (Read 2837 times)

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We're introducing a new feature to the HB that should streamline browsing through routes using the "Intersecting/Concurrent Routes" feature.
For now, this is just on and my own site mirror, pending the power upgrade & downtime for the main site starting later tonight.
We plan to add it to the production site soon after.

A Highway Browser page can be centered and zoom by providing lat, lon, and zoom (must have all 3 for the feature to work) QS parameters in the URL.
Here's US201 centered on the Maine State House:
When you click on a waypoint marker and follow a link under "Intersecting/Concurrent Routes", the new route will come up at the same center & zoom as the existing view, letting you seamlessly continue browsing along your travels.

Let's say I'm looking at MA125 and have just finished grabbing waypont labels for my .list line, MA MA125 MA110_E MA28. I just surf over to MA28, and I'm looking right at the waypoint I'll need for my next .list line, MA MA28 MA125 MA62_W.
Hoping this will come in handy.

To restore the HB to its default view, or to grab a link without the lat/lon/zoom parameters, just click the "Zoom to Fit" link at top right.
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Just tested it on your site mirror, and seems to be working great. I can definitely benefit from this in the future.

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As I've been adding new travels over the last few days, I'm really seeing how fantastic this new feature is.  Thanks again for getting it in.