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I'm working on configuring https for TM's web server.  This will include some brief downtime for server restarts, but it could be more significant if I break anything.  I'm starting the process with some of the other sites on the same server, so hopefully by the time I get to and, things will go smoothly.

The forum and main site should now be running on https://.  Old URLs with http:// hard-coded should be redirected but that might not be perfect.  I've fixed a few items that caused trouble as I've been switching things over, but please let me know if you see problems.  The problems I've encountered so far involve trying to load scripts or stylesheets over http from an https page, which is disallowed by modern browsers.  I few instances may have snuck in, and one ( seems to need a bit more investigation but only affects a couple of our map tile options.

Shield fonts are not rendering correctly in the HB.


--- Quote from: yakra on June 13, 2020, 04:52:25 pm ---Shield fonts are not rendering correctly in the HB.

--- End quote ---

Looking good in a few checks on my end.  For which ones are you seeing problems?

Looking good now. I'm not sure that I've closed & reopened my browser since then, but maybe it took time for some cached items to catch up.


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