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KY: KY3174 and KY195
« on: June 20, 2020, 01:24:42 pm »
I noticed this while planning our Labor Day trip that we'll hopefully be able to take which includes Breaks Interstate Park on the KY-VA border.  KY3174 is the designation for the new US 460 expressway AKA Corridor Q.  So far about 6.6 miles is built and open and at the end, there is what is probably a temporary connector road to KY195.  At the end of KY3174, there is a waypoint for KY195.  But, there is not a corresponding point on KY195 where the KY3174 traffic is dumped off onto.  I saw that as I'm thinking of coming down that way as we make our way to the park.  I looked at a similar scenario, WV 121, the start of the Coalfields Expressway in WV.  It dumps you off at Slab Fork Road right now and there are corresponding points on WV 54 and 97 for where you would come out at.


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Re: KY: KY3174 and KY195
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Re: KY: KY3174 and KY195
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I guess it's fine now? Marking solved.