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OH: Defiance truck routes
« on: August 18, 2020, 11:03:59 pm »
Hello! I hope everyone is having a great day.

I would like to report a correction in the HB for OH66AltTrkDef. Heading south, the route does not follow SR18/281 all the way into downtown Defiance. Instead, it follows SR15 east to Carter Road and Carter Road westward back to SR66 south of Defiance High School. The routing has been consistently this way since at least late 2017. I'm sorry I hadn't noticed the issue before in the HB; I'm in Defiance a half dozen times every year and can confirm this routing many times over. Here is a view of the SR66/Carter Road intersection on GSV:

As a note, none of the AltTrk routes in Defiance are signed with Alternate anymore. As of this past weekend, there was one reassurance marker on southbound OH66AltTrkDef along its duplex with eastbound SR15 that still had the ALT banner on it, but that was it. This has also been the situation since at least early 2018. Relabeling OH15AltTrkDef and OH18AltTrkDef as OH15TrkDef and OH18TrkDef is an easy fix. But, I know it opens up a labeling can of worms for the two truck routes for SR66 in Defiance. Might I suggest signing them as OH66TrkDefW and OH66TrkDefE to distinguish the western (smaller) and eastern (larger) truck loop routes?

Thank you!