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I-74 Bridge IA/IL
« on: November 14, 2020, 03:36:41 pm »
Just an FYI, the Iowa bound span of the new I-74 bridge opened yesterday. is an article about the bridge.  The Illinois bound span still won't be open until next year.  The off-ramp for 7th Ave is still the last Illinois exit and on ramps from 6th Ave and River Drive exist.  In Iowa, the on and off ramps at US-67 are the only ramps in downtown.

Going to Illinois is a construction mess with all traffic being forced off I-74 at 7th Ave and then down 19th St to the light at 12th Ave where traffic becomes two way.  Then at the Avenue of the Cities intersection, you can take the onramp and return to the I-74 proper roadway again.  They are using TO banners on the city street route now, so someone must have complained about the construction route not having the TO banners.

I took a trip across the new bridge today to re-clinch the new right of way.  So anybody else can do that now too, or travel the route that will be part of the one for the future.  I know the new routing won't be finalized in travel mapping until the new Illinois bound bridge is opened though so that there is only one update to the new points.  The ERSI satellite maps are the most current, followed by Google, and Bing shows the before construction view.

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Re: I-74 Bridge IA/IL
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2021, 12:27:46 am »
You are right that I don't plan to change anything for the I-74 points until the second bridge is open.