Author Topic: NC: US 29 and US 220 Point Concerns  (Read 27 times)

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NC: US 29 and US 220 Point Concerns
« on: November 20, 2020, 08:34:28 pm »
US 29
1.    US70/601_W should just be US70/601.
2.    US70/220_E should just be US70/220.
3.    LeeSt needs to be changed to GateCityBlvd.
4.      I do not mind moving forward with adding the US 29 exit numbers for what will eventually be I-785; however, I will note that the US 29 BUS/US 58 interchange is Exit 169 on US 29 NB (presumably because you are still in NC at that point)

US 220:
1.   LeeSt needs to be changed to GateCityBlvd.
2.   WenAve should be WenAve_W.
3.   Points should arguably be added at Benjamin Pkwy (BenPkwy) and Westridge Rd (WesRd) due to connecting to Bryan Blvd.  Also Lawndale Dr (LawDr) due to the connection to I-840.
4.   Is the shaping point just north of I-840 necessary? It could just be moved to Old Battleground Rd (OldBatRd).

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