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Estonia Tugimaanteed (estt)
« on: September 18, 2017, 03:16:28 pm »
I was about to start reviewing the system but realized that the next level of roads has a different numbering now. The (former) 3-digit road numbers are indicated with 5-digits on OSM now. It seems that these Kõrvalmaantee got prefixes from "11" to "25". For instance, road "290" is "11290" now.

Si, you've assigned the "T" prefix to 2-digit and 3-digit roads. I think that the 3- (and now 5-)digit roads should get K prefix now.

Please change these numbers, e.g. T290 to K11290 et cetera. Afterwards, I will start the review.

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Re: Estonia Tugimaanteed (estt)
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2017, 04:43:57 am »
All roads in Estonia are officially prefixed with T, and the Põhimaanteed, Tugimaanteed and Kõrvalmaantee (I did what you want me to do in the CHM-TM intermission, and then reversed it when I found that I was wrong here) - cf the Dutch N roads where we have two systems of roads that are all N<number>.

The first two digits on Kõrvalmaantee refer to the county and are administrative (so that they are unique numbers across the country) - they were always on OSM, but heavy research when doing the E roads meant I stripped them down to three-digit, having initially had 5.

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Re: Estonia Tugimaanteed (estt)
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 09:17:31 am »
I guess it was you who told me that "any visible wp is always better than an hidden wp". You've drafted estt this way other than irlr.
I've drafted my systems the same way but changed to reduce the number of unimportant wps which are only used to keep the route within the "red limits". These wps do just annoy users IMO.
Nevertheless, I've ignore this matter for my review.

All routes are fine except of...

+X910228 could be removed

EesTee could be removed
Exceeds limits b/n NonTee and KadTee (just remove KadTee)

Move Rau to T212_N and rename T212 to T212_S

Remove Kiv and move the next two hidden wps a little bit to the north

T177 --> T178

+X627297 could be removed

T315 --> T215

T178/T197 --> T178 (simple name)

New wp for T176 b/n T164 and T160

KooTee could be removed
New wp for T102 b/n T166 and T26
New wp for T137 b/n T130 and T50 to match T51 wp

New wp T157_W b/n T189 and T162, rename T157 to T157_E
T87 --> T87_E

Are you sure about the routing in Võru? It's different to OSM and GM

New wp T113 b/n T112 and T209

T115 b/n T113 and T70
Exceeds limits b/n T131 and T134_W
Move T134_W to the junction

T129/T194 --> T129 (simple name)

T224 --> T224_N

T280/T285 --> T280 (simple name)

Are you sure about the routing in Kohtla-Järve? It's different to OSM

btw: T8/E265 and T11/E265 concurrencies are broken 3x west of T4