Author Topic: NC 32, NC 37, and NC 94  (Read 83 times)

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NC 32, NC 37, and NC 94
« on: January 06, 2021, 08:34:13 pm »
The repeated connections, joins, and separations of these 3 routes leave the labels to be desired. I'm not sure I have a great solution, but (for example), along NC32, waypoint NC37_S is the NORTH end of the NC32/NC37 concurrence. I realize that waypoint NC37_N is the northern intersection with NC37, but feel that this one should be relabeled so the concurrence has the expected waypoints.

Similarly, NC94 has multiple waypoints with NC32 labels. I would recommend the NC32_A point be renamed to NC37_N, as this is the end of its concurrence.

The whole thing is a bit of a mess...