Author Topic: NC: US 1 and NC 177 Point Concerns and Exit Numbers  (Read 47 times)

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NC: US 1 and NC 177 Point Concerns and Exit Numbers
« on: April 07, 2021, 12:47:18 pm »
US 1:
1.  OldUS1 should be replaced by EveMillRd (Everett Mill Rd) to the north.
2.  HanSt should be HanSt_N.
3.  FayRd should be RocRd (Rockingham Rd).
4.  A point should be added at Greene St (GreSt) due to being an access "TO US 74" (though it should be "TO BUS US 74").
5.  WirRd should be WireGraRd.
6.  I recommend adding FoxRd as the route all but goes out of tolerance just southwest of here.
7.  NC177 needs to be recentered.  This seems to be the result of the widening of US 1 in the area.
8.  MarRd should be changed to reflect Old Laurel Hill Rd.
9.  OldUS1Sou can now be OldUS1 after number 1 is completed.
10.  I recommend adding points at Youngs Rd (YouRd) and Camp Easter Rd (CampEasRd) to help out with shaping.
11.  NC690 and US1BusVas_N should be slightly recentered.
12.  I would change US401 to US401_N.  (On US 401, I would also change US1 to US1_N.  The multiple town points do not seem to be an issue here.)
13.  The shaping point northeast of I-540 should be replaced with a visible point at Burlington Mills Rd (BurMilRd).
14.  NC98 should be 124.
15.  NC98Bus should be 125.
16.  The shaping point north of Franklinton should be replaced with a visible point at Egypt Mountain Rd (EgyMouRd).
17.  I recommend changing US1Bus_S to US1BusHen_S and then US1Bus to US1BusHen.
18.  BearPondRd should be shortened to BeaRd.
19.  WarRd should be 154.
20.  US158_W should be 155.
21.  I think that I-85(220) should be relocated to nearby Flemingtown Rd (renamed as FleRd). (this part also affects US 158)  Then I-85(233) would become I-85.
22.  Unused alternate labels that can be removed are the following: BEADAMRD CARYPKY COLRD FARRD NEWHILLRD OLDUS1_E OLDUS1_W PEARIDRD PITMONRD SPRLANE US1AFRA_N US1AFRA_S US1AWAK_N US1AWAK_S US421BUS/87  SR1405 can also be removed on US1BusSan.

NC 177:
1.  RobBroSt should be relocated to Earle Franklin Rd (EarFraRd_S).  EarFraRd should then become EarFraRd_N.
2.  The shaping point southwest of US1 should become a visible point at FoxRd.
3.  US1 needs to be recentered.  (See number 7 under US 1)