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Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: NC 306
« Last post by mapmikey on Yesterday at 07:40:39 pm »
Researching HistoricAerials, NC 306 has been rebuilt 3 times north of Aurora in different spots onto completely different alignments:

Note that 306 could only have used the routing shown in the HB from Old306_S to Old306_N from 1977-80.  Note the 1977 Topo map shows the 1980 routing of NC 306 to exist (1972 Beaufort County map shows no road, 1980 issue shows 306 using the new road).  I believe the new road was built before NC 306 and numbered SR 1004 (1976 change document has 306 replacing 1004 only).

The 1977 extension of NC 306 to the ferry followed today's 306 to the Old306_S point, then did a quick S to the west, then went straight north past current 306 to where the RR runs E-W, then followed the RR east to where 306 picks it up now, which starts to curl northeast, then north.  About where it transitions to heading north, original 306 kept on the northeast then ENE to reach the ferry landing (barely any of 306 using the ferry approach from 1977).

In 2001, 306 was removed from the long straight north routing just past the Old306_S point and instead heads like it does now further northwest to the RR, then follows it north a bit before cutting northeast as it does now to reach the RR again, and followed the 1977 routing from here to the ferry.

In 2010, 306 was removed from the northeast and ENE routing to the ferry to instead continue following the railroad to nearly the edge of the Neuse River, then following the river edge to the ferry as it does today.

State officials show the 1977 and 2010 routings but not the 2001-09 routing.

NC 306 was removed from Old NC 33 at Aurora by 1980 per County maps.

I will alter the 306 routing in the HB on my next round of updates...
Updates to Highway Data / VA: US 60/VA 143 Broken Concurrency
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Yesterday at 07:29:45 pm »
There is a shaping point on VA 143 between VA134 and I-64(267) that is not on US 60.
Updates to Highway Data / VA: VA 322 Northern Terminus
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Yesterday at 07:28:15 pm »
Should VA 322 be extended to end at SR 612 instead of SR 615?  It is not posted at SR 612 on GSV.

Also I think SR622 should be SR615_S (with SR615 becoming SR615_N).

Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: NC 306
« Last post by dfilpus on Yesterday at 06:43:00 pm »
The route in the HB is a very old routing. NC 306 used to go that way. Before NC 306 was designated, NC 33 curved north and ran east into Aurora, where it jogged south to get to the bridge. NC 306 was designated along NC 33, then north to the ferry. When NC 33 was straightened out to run south of town to the bridge, NC 306 was left on old NC 33. It is shown on maps as recently as 2013. At some point NC 306 was moved to the current intersection with NC 33.

The section of NC 306 between the Old306 waypoints was relocated in 2001. It looks like those waypoints were put in as part of making the relocation, but the actual relocation was not finished.
Updates to Highway Data / NC: NC 306
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Yesterday at 05:13:24 pm »
The route does not seem to be right in the HB between NC 33 and the ferry at the Pamlico River.

I did not see anything on the NC Highways Annex showing any recent major realignment here.
Updates to Highway Data / NC: US 70 and NC 101 Points
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Yesterday at 04:07:12 pm »
US 70: I would argue that NC101_W and NC101_E should be switched; however, they are in-use so this would break list files.

NC 101: 
1. US70 should be US70_E.
2. US70Bus should be LiveOakSt.
Got it :)

Are all Traumrouten also Erlebnisstra├čen?

Yes! The tourist association has (currently) awarded twelve routes as dreamlike routes because they are outstanding.
Updates to Highway Data / OH: OH28 broken concurrency with OH123
« Last post by bejacob on Yesterday at 02:51:06 pm »
OH28 and OH123 should be concurrent in/near Blanchester (SSW of Wilmington). It appears there are 2 hidden waypoints on OH28 between waypoints OH123_N and OH123_S which are not included on OH123.

The easiest fix would be to delete those two shaping points on OH28. Alternately the hidden waypoints could be added to OH123 between OH28/133 and OH28_W if adhering to the map is important. With a difference of 0.01 mile, it will make virtually no difference which option is selected.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: CO: exit numbers
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 01:04:48 pm »
Exit 151 replaces two waypoints (BriPkwy and UniBlvd, neither in use), would I just put the new 151 point in the middle of them?
I don't know where you found "Traumrouten" (= dream routes).

For instance, the German wikipedia article about the adventure routes (Erlebnisstra├čen) in Austria states that there are more than 60 routes in Austria but the Austrian Tourismn Association has characterized twelve routes out of them and called them Traumrouten = dreamlike routes. Should the twelve routes be an own system?
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