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Other Discussion / Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Last post by drebbin37 on Today at 12:42:13 am »
I've now completed 4 of the 6 New England states.  I look forward to VT, but not the New York-ish parts of CT.

Congrats on being the first to clinch all of Maine!  I've also completed 4 of the 6 New England states; ME and VT are my two remaining.  I should be able to get to 99.xx% of VT (all but the border crossings) when I head up to the northern part of the state again in a few weeks, but my 2000 remaining miles in ME will probably take me years to finish.

Earlier this week I did a 15-hr round trip between Southeast CT and Western ME, mostly to fill in gaps on various ME state highways.  I clinched ME24, ME24Bus, ME137Bus, ME225, ME132, ME117, ME118, and ME119.  New mileage on ME138, ME104, ME137, ME27, ME133, and ME106.  My 600 driving miles netted 90 new TM miles.  Since I'm sick of I-495, I came home via NH16, NH125, NH101, NH13, MA13, MA2, and I-190.  It may have taken longer than 95 to 495 to 290, but there was a lot less traffic.  Plus, I avoided all the tolls!
Other Discussion / Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Last post by oscar on Today at 12:09:17 am »
I got back a few days ago from my latest road trip to South Dakota, for a family reunion in the NE corner of the state where my father was born and grew up.

Accomplished on the way to and from the reunion:

-- clinched all the remaining Interstate business routes in South Dakota, including I-90 BL Wall (briefly visited the Wall Drug tourist trap, but like my first visit long ago I was unimpressed, and left after only about 10 minutes);

-- clinched ND 13 (my lucky number), and a few shorter state routes; and

-- re-clinched US 18, by traveling its relocated segment in Milwaukee.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: TX: TX Loop 375 issues
« Last post by rickmastfan67 on Yesterday at 11:47:31 pm »
I would say this "TOLL ROAD ENDS" sign right at I-10 means TX Toll 375 makes it that far.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: TX: TX Loop 375 issues
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 10:42:01 pm » implements the changes above. TXLp375's end is still at I-10.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: ON: ON-69 new freeway alignment
« Last post by rickmastfan67 on Yesterday at 07:53:10 pm »
Ok, I'll be dealing with it in a separate thread.  ;)
Other Discussion / Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Yesterday at 06:50:58 pm »
I went to look at some construction projects in PA today (I-83 at PA 851 (Shrewbury DDI), PA 283 Interchange at PA 722 (may or may not involve a minor point relocation at some point), US 222 (Widening between US 222 Business and Genesis Dr (north of PA 73), and the roundabout at the Schantz Rd and PA 863 intersection), and I-78 (resurfacing and truck climbing lanes improvements between PA 143 and a mile or two west of PA 863).  I did not get any new mileage in PA, but I did do some mileage in MD northeast of Baltimore earlier on.

Clinched:  MD 136, MD 165, MD 145, MD 152, MD 132, MD 24
New Mileage: MD 146 (I planned to clinch this one, but I cut it once I learned that part of the road was closed.  However, I got to drive the Warren Rd bridge over Gunpowder Falls, which was just as interesting as the MD 145 one to the north.), MD 7 (White Marsh)
Updates to Highway Data / Re: TX: TX Loop 375 issues
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 04:05:10 pm »
ParkAccRd -> needs recentered
61A -> 60A

+X* -> Probably could use a shaping point or two between exits 62 & 64 to keep it away from the I-10 ROW.
I'll pass on this one. Adding a shaper to TXLp375 would bring the route trace pretty close to US85, and beg for shaping there too. Being that precise with shaping when already within tolerance raises ideas of...
I-10 could use the same in that area too.
;) ...and that would just end up smushing the I-10 & TXLp375 polylines wicked close together.
As it stands now, they don't inappropriately cross one another, and mapview does a good job of showing that TXLp375 is west of I-10 and US85 is west of that. Adequate IMO.

66A -> 65A

66B -> 65B or 66
Oh boy. Gotta love TX and their partial interchanges. Serving different destinations in opposite directions, an argument can be made for multiple interchanges -> both points. A visible point here would  keep the TXLp375 & US85 traces farther apart for a wee bit longer.

Review endpoint & splits with I-10 / US85, concurrencies or lack thereof.
375's designation file still isn't updated; no help here.
Grid maps have the area right at the border between two maps; insufficient detail.
Shapefiles & the Statewide Planning Map are inconclusive. We see 375 splitting from 85 near Racetrack Dr, but neither really gives us any info on multiplexes.
WB, this bad boy right as 85 merges in suggests 375 continues on for a bit.
EB, overhead signage at the exits & supplemental frontage roads consistently signs both 375 & 85 together. Then, US85 is Exit 66 from TXLp375, suggesting that TXLp375 is already a route in progress at that point.
OTOH, Maybe the unnumbered exit at RacDr shouldn't be overlooked; maybe Exit 66 is an exit right smack at the route's beginning.

I was leaning toward keeping the US85 concurrency, and going no-build on the terminus, but could be talked into truncating. Thoughts?
(I'll throw this standalone reassurance shield in the mix too.)

In any case, no plans on extending westward along the supplemental frontage roads. These are marked as part of the IH 10 complex in the shapefiles & Statewide Planning Map. Doubtful that 375 extends any farther here.

What I will do though is break the 10/85 concurrency between 12 and 13, as US85 uses the supplemental frontage roads here.
Updates to Highway Data / NE: Operation Log Book 2020
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 02:06:50 pm »

ne001 ne002 ne002lin ne002busgra ne002busneb ne004 ne005 ne007 ne008 ne009 ne010 ne011 ne012 ne013 ne014 ne015 ne016 ne017 ne018 ne019 ne021 ne022 ne023 ne024 ne025 ne025a ne027hai ne027osh ne027 ne029 ne031 ne032 ne033 ne035 ne036 ne039 ne040 ne041 ne043 ne044 ne045 ne046 ne047cam ne047 ne050 ne051 ne052 ne053 ne056 ne057sta ne057 ne058 ne059cre ne059 ne061 ne062 ne062ste ne063 ne064bel ne064 ne065 ne066pol ne066val ne066 ne066pla ne067 ne068 ne069 ne070 ne071 ne074 ne078 ne079 ne084 ne085 ne087 ne088 ne089 ne091 ne092 ne094 ne095 ne096 ne097 ne098 ne099 ne103dil ne103 ne105 ne109 ne110 ne112 ne116 ne121bat ne121 ne121cro ne128 ne133 ne137 ne250 ne370

s01a s01b s01c s01d l01e s02b s04a s05a l06a l07e s08a s09a l10b l10c l10d l10e l10f s11a s12a s12b s12c s12d s12e s12f s13a s13c s13d s13f s13h s13k s14a s14b s14c s14h s15a s16b s16f l17b l17c l17e l17f l17j s18a s18b s18c s18d s18e s18f s18g s19a s19b s19c l20a s21a s21b s21c s23a l24a l24b s24c l25a l25b s26a s26b s26e s27a s27d l28b s28j l28k s30b s30c s30d s30h s31a s31b s31c l31d s34a s34b s34c s34d l40c s40d l40g s41a s41b s41c l41d s42a s43a l44c s45a l45b s47a s48a s49a s49b s49c l50a l51a l51b l51c l53a l53b l53c l53e s54a s54b s54d s55a s55b s55c s55d s55e s55f s55g s55h s55j l55k s55m l55w l55x s56a l56c l56d l56g s57a l59b s61a l62a l63a s64a s64b s64e s64g s65a s66a s66c s66d s66e s67a s67b s67c s70a s71a s71b s71c s71f s76a s76c s76d l76e s78b s78c s78d s78e s78f s78h s78j l79e s79h s80b s80c s80d l80e l80f l80g l80h l82a s85a s85b s85c s85d s85e l85f s85h s86a s86b s87a s87b s89a s90a s90b s91a s91b s93a l93b s93c s93d s93f
Updates to Highway Data / TX: TX Loop 375 issues
« Last post by rickmastfan67 on Yesterday at 01:45:18 pm »
ParkAccRd -> needs recentered
61A -> 60A
+X* -> Probably could use a shaping point or two between exits 62 & 64 to keep it away from the I-10 ROW.  I-10 could use the same in that area too.
66A -> 65A
66B -> 65B or 66
Other Discussion / Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Last post by andrepoiy on July 30, 2021, 09:34:15 pm »
I just finished my first multi-day road trip in which I was the primary driver. The major cities visited include: Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, Ottawa, North Bay, and Sudbury. A lot of minor cities were also visited.

This marks my first mileage outside my home province, and that province also happens to lack county roads, which is great to boost my mileage here on TM.

Within Ontario, you might see some gaps in my Highway 401, and that's because I had to exit to see certain attractions/towns. I was able to get a lot of new TCH mileage along Highway 17, 69, and 417.

I will outline my trip in more detail on AARoads, if you're interested in hearing more.
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