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Re: dnkmr: Denmark Margueritruten
« Reply #15 on: September 01, 2020, 10:20:23 am »
Why? It corresponds to O_N
Then it should be called O_S and intersect with OFre - just like the point right next to it that makes this point superfluous.

Ok, two wps at the same location. Sure -> DEL.

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Re: dnkmr: Denmark Margueritruten
« Reply #16 on: Yesterday at 09:57:30 am »
æ is one character, not two!
As are the Greek characters: θ, χ and ψ (universally transliterated as th, ch and ps respectively). Similarly the ß ligature is rendered in latin basic as 'ss' (or 'sz') rather than just 's'.

On the other side of things, 'll' was a single letter (coming after 'l') rendered with 2 latin characters in Spanish until 2010. It remains a separate letter in Welsh (as are 'ch', 'dd', 'ff', 'ng', 'ph', 'rh' and 'th', though they don't have 'k', 'q' or 'z'). We've treated these as two characters for counting (and so a point 'Ffordd Pwllheli' would be 'FfoPwl'). There's also the Dutch 'IJ' (which unlike the Welsh/Spanish double-character letters sees both capitalised. And like æ they often appeared as a single character, though typing has removed that a lot more), though that's not now considered a distinct letter.

Waypoint labels may never use international characters. Instead, use the closest latin character without a diacritical mark.
It has no diacritical marks - the ligature turning a and e into one single character is not a diacritical mark. The closest single latin basic character to æ is probably 'e'*, but it always gets rendered 'ae' in latin basic, just as θ is rendered 'th'.

*Pretty much every æ (which re-entered English via Latin loanwords. In Latin, while the ligature was not a distinct letter as it is in Danish, it was a single character) is reformed to be 'e' in American English, whereas British English tends to render it 'ae' (though demon and ether are exceptions in En-UK): encyclopedia, pediatrician, medieval (archaeology is the En-US exception).

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Re: dnkmr: Denmark Margueritruten
« Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 10:58:45 am »
 - SkovVej_S -> SkovVej_Ska ? (doesn't pair with SkovVej_E, which is concurrency split, unlike this one)
 - EngVej_W -> EngVej ? (doesn't pair with EngVej_S, which is concurrency split, unlike this one)
 - FveVej -> FjeVej
 - PR57_E -> PR57_N (paired with PR57_S)
 - add KulVej_W to go with KulVej_E as it's a road to a the large settlement of Høng
 - SavyVej_S -> SaeVej_S (is Sæbyvej, so even if you render æ as 'a', it's wrong)
 - SR255_W -> SR255_S
 - OrdVej_N -> OrdVej_W (paired with OrdVej_E)
 - HojHovGade_N -> HojHovGade_W ?
 - HojHovGade_S -> HojHovGade_E ?
 - OddVej_N -> OddVej_W ?
 - PR21_N is off overbridge
 - SR155_S -> SR155_E (paired with SR155_W)
 - SR231_E -> SR231_S (paired with SR231_N)
 - BakRag_W -> BakRag_S (paired with BakRag_N)
 - SR231_S -> SR231_Mor
 - PR23_Kva -> PR23(2) ?
 - PR21_S -> PR21(19)
 - SR155 -> SR155_Hol ?
 - HorVej_W -> HorVeg_N (paired with _S)
 - SabyVej -> SabyVej_W (though really SaeVej_W)
 - HorVej_N -> HorVej_Sae
 - SkovVej_N -> SkovVej_Son
 - PR16_Kre -> PR16/211 like PR16/205 at the other end of the PR16 concurrency.
 - PR16_S -> PR16_E (paired with PR16_W)
 - SR152 -> E47/55_N or E47/152 or something
 - SkoVej_E -> SkoVej_Sko
 - SR152_N -> SR152_S (concurrency split)
 - SkoVej_W -> SkoVej_E (concurrency split)
 - SR152_S -> SR152_N (concurrency split)
 - O2_E -> O2_S (paired with O2_N)
 - BorsGade -> BorsGade_W
 - O2_S -> O2_E (paired with O2_W)
 - PR21_W -> PR21_Kob
 - SR156_E -> SR156_HedE
 - SR156_S -> SR156_HedW
 - SR156_W -> SR156_TreW
 - SR156_N -> SR156_TreE
 - PR23 -> PR21(13) (also change PR14 lavel to PR21)
 - SR155_E -> SR155_W or SR155_Ros
 - SR255_S -> SR255_W (paired with _E)
 - E47/55 -> E47/55(33)
 - SR154_S -> SR154_W
 - JunVej_E -> JunVej_Bon
 - JunVej_N -> JunVej_E
 - JunVej_S -> JunVej_W
 - JunVej_W -> JunVej_N
 - PR59_N -> PR59_SteE or _E
 - PR59_W -> PR59_SteW or leave
 - PR59_S -> PR59_Lan

One thing I don't get is that you happily town suffix some street names which you have multiple of (eg HovGade), but then don't want different 'LynVej_Abc' points so do the weird take a random other letter for one of them (so Lyngerupvej becomes LyrVej as Lyngbyvej already took LynVej. It's not wrong, but I'd have preferred LynVej_Ger and LynVej_Van)